Ohio man among ‘American Ninja Warrior’ contestants

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A Cincinnati man is among the contestants on NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior,” as an Olympic gold medalist and former NFL player made an appearance on the show. Justin Miniard entered the show’s contest list on Monday. He previously made a run in the series in 2019 at the Cincinnati qualifying round […]

Rimouskiers in the shoes of refugees

About 30 people took part in the “Journey in Exile”, a simulation experience during which participants had to leave their country as refugees would. Each of them had to start with an identity card and a certain amount of money. Quickly, it was time to leave. Then began a series of decisions to be made. […]

The Bay: help is organized for the victims

It is the commotion to relocate the victims and emergency aid is organized on the ground. As always in the region, solidarity is there. Since Saturday, Red Cross volunteers have been working on the ground to help the victims. Comfort, analysis of basic needs, food and medicine, everything is done to support them. The important […]

January 6 Panel to Hear Raffensperger, Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, on Trump’s Lobbying Campaign

State officials from Arizona and Georgia who were pressured by Donald Trump to help him reverse his defeat in the 2020 election will lead the House select committee’s fourth hearing on Tuesday afternoon, committee aides said. Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers, a Republican, is expected to speak out about being harassed and intimidated by Trump […]

A brushcutter severs his hand

A mother victim of a brushcutter accident which seriously lacerated her hand warns of the dangers of such tools if a safety perimeter is not respected. “Never again, never, never will I let my spouse pass the tractor or the whip with a close person or child, now it’s really caution,” says Mirabelloise Mélissa Éthier. […]

Visit Leica, the mythical camera that saved lives

The entire complex is thought, conceived, created, designed, distributed and built with exquisite taste. It would be said, but no, it cannot be said, that everything is excessively handsome, modern, perfect, impeccable. But that’s how it has been leica since it was created, since oskar barnackan expert in inventing microscopic, convinced his boss, Ernst Leitzback […]

For the next three months, 500 legitimations of collective contracts are expected, far from the goal

Despite calls for union organizations to legitimize their current collective bargaining agreements, data from the Federal Center for Conciliation and Labor Registration (CFCRL) reveal that in the next three months 566 contract legitimations will be carried out in which 244 union organizations participate. The deadline for unions, in accordance with the 2019 labor reform and […]

City to plant 2,000-plus trees this year

Article content Windsor’s tree canopy will grow this year as city officials expand planting efforts. Article content Since 2020, the city has invested $4.3 million toward increasing, protecting, and managing the urban tree canopy, including $500,000 this year alone. “I am proud of the City of Windsor’s ongoing work to expand our current tree population […]