The Bay: help is organized for the victims

It is the commotion to relocate the victims and emergency aid is organized on the ground. As always in the region, solidarity is there.

Since Saturday, Red Cross volunteers have been working on the ground to help the victims. Comfort, analysis of basic needs, food and medicine, everything is done to support them.

The important thing is to find a home for all these people. “Since Saturday, eight volunteers have been on the ground. 21 families are housed in commercial accommodation,” confirmed Carole Du Sault, director of communications for the Red Cross.

However, all this is temporary since the Red Cross acts in support only during the first 72 hours. Then the authorities have to find other homes.

The city works in collaboration with the Office Municipale d’habitation de Saguenay (OMHS) and makes every effort to relocate the victims. “This week, we should be able to offer about thirty housing units. I’m expecting a return from the city, they gon’ tell me “here’s what I need [et] what accommodation [est nécessaire].” It must happen today or tomorrow,” explained Ariane Villeneuve, director of customer service at the Office Municipal d’habitation.

According to the OMHS, a dozen additional dwellings could be offered after July 1. Since Saturday, many have offered to help the Baieriverains.

An acupuncturist decided to contribute in her own way.

“I’m trained for that, I work on anxiety and stress. I said to myself: “I am going to open a beach myself on Wednesday morning and I am going to offer free treatment to the victims”, explained acupuncturist Genevière Goudreault.

She calls on other professionals to follow her momentum.

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