Bill C-21 badly received in Quebec

In a gesture disavowing the most recent federal initiative to control firearms, the elected representatives of the National Assembly unanimously demand that Ottawa delegate to the Quebec government the power to ban handguns. Bill C-21, tabled Tuesday in Ottawa, gives municipalities the option of banning the storage of handguns on their territory. And the federal […]

The US will begin processing thousands of asylum seekers stranded in Mexico this Friday – El Tiempo Latino

Washington.— The coordinator for southern border affairs, Roberta Jacobson, said on Wednesday that the US will begin to review asylum applications from thousands of people who were stranded in Mexico during the Trump Administration as of Friday, but insisted that “The border is not open.” In an exclusive interview with El Tiempo Latino, Jacobson explained […]

Quebec does not intend to adopt Joyce’s principle

The sidelining of the Atikamekw interpreter from Joliette hospital following the death of Joyce Echaquan proves that there is still “a lot of work to be done”, believes the minister responsible for Native Affairs, who does not intend you might as well adopt Joyce’s Principle. The duty revealed on Wednesday that Barbara Flamand, who is […]

In Burma, government sites targeted by hackers

During a demonstration in Yangon, Burma, on February 18. AP Hackers on Thursday (February 18th) attacked government websites run by the junta in Burma, where the Web has become a new area of ​​confrontation between protesters and the military. For the fourth night in a row, Internet access was cut off by the army. A […]

Naheed Nenshi, a mayor like no other

For 11 years, he has been the mayor of the city of Calgary. Naheed Nenshi embodies and claims the difference: the difference of being oneself, above all. In a province where conservative blue dominates the political map, his atypical career lends a different light to the face of Alberta. The premiers of the province pass, […]

“The anomaly”, this abnormal bestseller

Accessing the best-selling Goncourt pantheon was not in the plans of French novelist Hervé Le Tellier, author of The anomalies, or even Gallimard editions, which, despite their experience, had not anticipated this success. “It wasn’t quite a compulsory, planned, indispensable success. There is no recipe: I did not expect it at all myself ”, told […]

Google’s self-driving cars take to the streets of San Francisco

An autonomous robotaxi from Waymo (Google) in San Francisco. – Waymo One-way streets, double-parked vehicles, pedestrians, perpetual roadworks, fog… We will finally know where Google’s autonomous car technology really stands. Waymo, the transport subsidiary of Alphabet (the parent company of Google) announced Wednesday the arrival in San Francisco of its robotaxis service for tests with […]

Cruise ships banned from Canadian waters until 2022

Rodrigo Diaz M. Omar Alghabra, federal transportation minister, announced that Canada has put in place two new interim orders, which prohibit the entry of large shipping vessels in Canadian Arctic waters and cruise ships in all Canadian waters until February 28, 2022. As part of these orders, for-profit recreational vessels are prohibited from entering Arctic […]

New kidnapping of students

The Nigerian president on Wednesday ordered an operation to save at least 42 people, including 27 students, victims of another kidnapping by an armed group in a boarding school, two months after the kidnapping of 344 teenagers in a neighboring region which caused a stir global. Armed men attacked the government college-high school in Kagara, […]

How to file your taxes for the first time

On February 12, the tax season began and some wonder: How do I file my taxes for the first time? To file taxes the person requires a Personal Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) or a Social Security Number (SSN) The IRS offers two ways to do this: digitally or physically On February 12, the tax season […]

The lessons of Maese Antonio Maestre

There are two types of journalists: those who believe they are in possession of the truth and those who also try to teach other colleagues lessons. Antonio Maestre It is of the seconds. The journalist from Madrid managed to distract me for a few minutes yesterday with his tweets about how the profession should report […]