Koeman always bumps into the greats

  • The victory against Juve (October 2020) is the only one for Barça in the last 12 months against important rivals

  • “We have improved, we are getting closer and closer to beating a big team,” says the Barça coach.

Each match with a great player becomes a great drama for Koeman’s Barça, who has impotence drawn on his face. Every game with a great, including Benfica on that list, is a slap full of frustration. There are already 12 and only one victory (almost a year ago in Turin against Juventus) reveal the inevitable decline in level that the Barça team has experienced.

With and without Messi. With and without Griezmann. It does not matter who plays because Koeman cannot find the way to overcome those big stones, which have been breaking his credibility and, of course, that of his players.

“Every time we are closer to winning a big game,” Koeman said after Madrid’s 1-2, assuming in that same sentence the feeling of weakness that plagues Barcelona, ​​accustomed in recent years to living in offensive opulence where the goal was a daily consumer good. Suffering now, yes, misery transformed from time to time into a conquest of the highest effort.

Increasingly dwarfed

The technician did not take refuge in that he has what he has but considers that “it has to be demanded, of course it does & rdquor ;. A lot of demand, but little result. “We have shown not to be inferior to Madrid. We have shown that little by little we are improving and closer to beating a great one,” he reiterated.

But that closeness is not yet glimpsed since in the duel with Madrid, it is even worse. Three classics, three defeats (1-3 and 1-2 at Camp Nou and 2-1 at Valdebebas), despite the fact that the white team does not radiate solvency and freshness either.

But with Barça everything is easier for him, like Atlético de Simeone, where he has conceded two setbacks (1-0 and 2-0, both in the Metropolitano) together with the draw at Camp Nou last season (0-0) . Koeman’s team does not advance, which understands the frustration of the fans. A frustration that he also shares because Barça is even smaller against the greats, paying tremendously for their lack of inefficiency.

Barça has only scored one goal, and it was Kun’s sterile, against Bayern, Benfica, Atlético and Madrid

When it is not Dest and his ball to the clouds is another play. But the same script is always repeated. A team that has lost force and imbalance, as revealed that in the four meetings with the greats this season (Bayern, Benfica, Atlético and Madrid) it has only scored one goal.

And that goal was that of Kun Agüero, as sterile as it was useless because it arrived in the last second of added time. He is terribly innocent in someone else’s area: a goal in 360 minutes gives him away. And he is more terribly innocent even in his own area where he has conceded 10 goals. Yes, 10 goals in 41 days!

Koeman, meanwhile, does not despair, despite the fact that his Barça is shrinking and shrinking, giving the feeling that it is consumed in the midst of so much helplessness. “I understand the frustration,” said the coach after becoming the first Barça coach to have had three defeats in a classic, which made him related to the Irishman. Patrick O’Connell (1935-36).

“We do not have players of the level and the punch we had, it is a team under construction”

Ramon Planes, Barça technical secretary

No, the coach did not repeat the phrase “this is what there is”, something he did, but with another version, newer and more extended, Ramon Planes, the club’s technical secretary. “We don’t have players of the level and punch that we had,” he said, recalling a truism. In one year, Barça has lost Suárez, Messi and Griezmann. And they have arrived Memphis, Kun Agüero and Luke de Jong. All three at zero cost. Not a euro has invested the club in its hiring, a symptom of the economic misery that suffocates it,

On the way, Barça has lost a goal. And it no longer threatens. To the great ones, even less, of course. “I think it has been more than a pass. It is a team under construction. To the points, we deserved to win. I cannot be dissatisfied with the game, the attitude and the behavior,” said the Barça executive.

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Barça is being built right now, and much to its regret, from the small, assuming that it competes with the greats. Compete and always lose with them.

The bad streak of Barça de Koeman against the greats

Season 20-21

Barça-Madrid (1-3), League

Juventus-Barça (0-2), Champions, only victory

Atlético-Barça (1-0), Liga

Barça-Juventus (0-3), Champions

Barça-Paris SG (1-4), Champions

Paris SG-Barça (1-1), Champions

Madrid-Barça (2-1), League

Barça-Athletic (0-0), Liga

Season 21-22

Barça-Bayern (0-3), champions

Benfica-Barça (3-0), Champions

Atlético-Barça (2-0), Liga

Barça-Madrid (1-2), League


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