The covid remains stagnant in Catalonia and with little effect

The coronavirus is stabilized in Catalonia this Monday, when the third booster dose of the vaccine begins in people over 70, which is combined with the flu campaign. According Salut data Regarding this Sunday, in the last hours the sanitary tension has increased slightly, with more ucis and income, although it must be taken into account that the discharges at the weekend drop a lot. Also PCR tests, which is why very few infections have been detected: only 149, despite the general increase in positives in recent days. Nor have any deaths been reported.

Even so, Catalonia, and the whole of Spain, continue to be one of the territories with the lowest incidence in Europe. High vaccination and the continuity of some measures, such as the indoor masksThey have a lot to do with this situation, experts point out.

Regarding the new data, the risk of regrowth (EPG), an index that measures the growth potential of the epidemic, remains at 52, while the transmission speed (Rt) is also stable, at 1.16, which is which means that every 100 infected infect an average of 116 people.

With regard to health care, in Catalan hospitals there are 353 people admitted (336 yesterday), of which 90 (compared to 87 reported on Sunday) are in critical condition.

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The cumulative incidence of cases confirmed by PCR or antigen test at 7 days per 100,000 inhabitants (IA7) goes from 25 cases to 24.3, while the accumulated incidence at 14 days (IA14) remains at 46 cases.

Positivity -the percentage of PCR and TA with a positive result- is 1.64%, four hundredths more than yesterday and well below 5%, which is the percentage established by the World Health Organization (WHO) to consider an epidemic under control.

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