Who is Chanel Terrero, winner of the Benidorm Fest? Start, career, couple …

If anyone gives the profile to represent RTVE in Eurovision, it’s Chanel Terrero, the winner of the Benidorm Fest -that festival responsible for choosing who can ultimately prevent Spain from staying in the queue of the classifications. His powerful defense of the Latin and urban song ‘SloMo’ It was the golden pass for this young Cuban Catalan who, like good perfumes (those containing gold in a tiny container), radiates talent from every pore of her petite and curvy body. It’s not very daring to say that Eurovision already smells like Chanel.

Those who did not have the pleasure of seeing her in action in musicals, such as ‘Flashdance’, ‘Nine’, ‘The Lion King’, ‘The Bodyguard‘ The ‘Malinche‘, or just remember her as an actress in television series –‘Águila Roja’, ‘El secreto de Puente Viejo’, ‘Gim Tony’, ‘El continental’ …-, – or in the movie Agustí Villaronga ‘The King of Havana’, maybe they will not place her as a singer. But she is, both as a dancer, as she has shown on stage for years, where she sings and dances. All at once. And on top of that, he does it well. A passion for the performing arts that comes from afar. From afar. From Cuba, country in which he was born in 1992 and from which he came at the age of 3 in the hands of his loving mother, an unconditional fan of Coco Chanel, the culprit that the singer travels the world with a name that exudes brilliance.

With a deep Catalan accent of Olesa de Monserrat (his second country) when she speaks Spanish -which means that when you close your eyes you forget your origin, which, when you open it, reminds you of your golden skin color and your exotic traits-, Chanel says that she has fulfilled dreams little by little. like dancing with Shakira in 2010, in the MTV Europe Music Awards. “The one for ‘Suerte’ was the first video clip I’ve ever seen in my life. And to be there on stage, while she’s giving everything, people shouting ‘I felt like Beyoncé’, she confessed in an interview with EL PERIÓDICO. Started at a very young age with singing and piano classes, rhythmic gymnastics and dancing at the Royal Academy of Dance and with dancers of the stature of Victor Ullate, Coco Comín Y Gloria Gella bore fruit.

The sentimental planl, something that will now start to interest his fans, was the last couple he presented on Instagram Victor Elialittle Guille, from ‘Los Serrano’ (and Queen Letizia’s second cousin), who is currently a professional musician. Although it’s been a while since he posted photos that testify to their passionate relationship. In any case, she has spent the last few months with body and soul (making a lot of tape and not eating nougat) striving for a new dream: that of participate in Eurovision. “It will be a highlight in my life that I would love to tell my grandchildren & rdquor,” he assured. Now you have achieved it. And maybe you celebrated it with a Cuban rum and a good paella, as you planned.

Nacho Cano says of her, what her as protagonist of his musical ‘Malinche’, which is an “angry fighter & rdquor; and that the competition is a platform” to stay, to improve, for a record company to bet on “. Maybe the name of Chanel will soon no longer be just reminiscent of a French perfume. At that point

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