The regions are always asking for more consultation with the State

For the first time since the regional elections in June, the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, surrounded by three ministers, Elisabeth Borne (work), Jacqueline Gourault (cohesion of the territories) and Sébastien Lecornu (overseas), received, Monday September 13, all the regional presidents. In France, the thirteen outgoing presidents succeeded in the grand slam by obtaining all their re-election. A clean sweep, on the other hand, in the overseas regions and communities, where three out of four presidencies have changed holders.

The government and the regional executives therefore find themselves on the ground of knowledge even if, from now on, and for three years, it is the president (PS) of the Occitanie region, Carole Delga, who succeeded Renaud Muselier, president (LR) of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, at the head of Regions of France. She said again that “The regional presidents wish to be actors of the France team and call for an active partnership within the framework of the recovery plan”. How to emphasize that the account is not there, despite the partnership agreement between the State and the regions signed on September 28, 2020.

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On the menu for this first official meeting, two major topics emerged: strengthening the “skills employment” system, while the resumption of activity is encountering serious recruitment difficulties; preparation of the “France 2030” investment plan which should be presented in the fall. On the first point, the regions, responsible for training, guidance and support towards employment, are still asking, without success until now, to be able to exercise direct responsibility in steering the policies of the use. “It is one of the main obstacles to employment”, tirelessly pleads the president (Les Centristes) of the Normandy region, Hervé Morin.

Bone of contention

The government has indicated that it is prepared to include in the 3DS bill (differentiation, decentralization, deconcentration, simplification) which is to be examined in December in the National Assembly, a provision establishing “A state-region consultation body around employment”. While tensions on recruitment are manifesting in all sectors and at all levels of qualification, the Prime Minister announced that additional funds would be released for the regions from 2021, but also for 2022 and 2023, in order to expand the groups concerned by training as part of the skills investment plan, both for employees and job seekers. The announcement of this device should be made at the end of September.

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