Californians vote on dismissal of governor

When Joe Biden travels to California, to support the governor of the state, it is because the stake is nevertheless important for the Democratic camp. It must be said that the governor Gavin Newsom plays his place. A referendum calls people to vote on his dismissal. California allows disgruntled voters to hold a “recall ballot” to replace the governor. Almost all governors have suffered, and few have been removed. 18 years ago, a vote A similar thing, however, had enabled Arnold Schwarzenegger to conquer California by bringing down the Democratic governor of the time.

“The eyes of the nation is not hyperbole, the eyes of the nation are on California, said Joe Biden, President of the United States, because the decision you’re about to make isn’t just going to have a huge impact on California, it’s going to reverberate across the nation. And, quite frankly, it’s no joke, the world over. “

What critics of Gavin Newsom criticize is his strict handling of the pandemic. The governor imposed unpopular health restrictions, especially on small employers, some of whom were forced to close their businesses. An image of him without a mask in a restaurant had finished bristling his detractors.

I own a small business, explains in the polling station Neel Sodha, and last year I was considered nonessential. So I was closed, whereas in other states I could have functioned. so I voted to revoke Newsom. “

I don’t want California to have this Republican takeover, On the other hand, Madeline Zoeller, a voter, rebels. I am disgusted with some of the Republican candidates here and across the country, so I support Gavin Newsom by voting no. “

If 50% of voters vote no, the governor will continue in office for the next 18 months. That’s what the polls predict, at 55%. During the referendum, voters can also choose their replacement from among 46 opposition candidates, most of them Republicans. The Democrats have chosen not to present a candidate, so as not to confuse the situation.

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