The Most Popular Jobs For Canadians In The US

The United States is blessed with thousands of job opportunities, and it is easy for immigrants to get their preferred job if they possess the necessary qualifications. The US is also a rescue location for people without work experience who are ready to learn. 

For instance, you can apply for an accounting internship no experience jobs to further your knowledge in accounting and get a job afterwards. You can also take courses in your area of interest to qualify for jobs that need certifications. 

However, to make things easier, we have teamed up with experts from job aggregator Jooble to discuss the most popular jobs for Canadians in the US. Let’s dive into the details.

  • Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are individuals that develop a marketing strategy for products or services based on industry developments and customer demand. A marketing manager helps identify the company’s ideal market to enhance total sales through high-level marketing methods. 

To be considered for a marketing manager role, most organizations ask that you have at least a bachelor’s degree. This role may offer full-time marketing managers a salary rather than an hourly wage.

  • Judges

Judges do more than just swoop in and out of courtrooms. They sit over hearings, assess the importance of evidence provided, deliver the appropriate judgment using case laws, and issue opinions on their cases and disputed decisions. 

The expertise and experience of a judge are also needed to guide the jury when deciding on a matter. They ensure that justice is served and seen to be served. Anyway, there are still 24 states where you can preside over some judicial cases and become a judge without legal experience in the US.

  • Accountant

Accountants are like the doctors of every business. They provide financial advice to businesses to help them stay alive, just like a doctor offers medical advice to help a patient stay alive. They help companies further their financial stability by analyzing financial data and generating reports. A degree in accounting or any other related field is a prerequisite to working as an accountant.

  • Nurses

Nursing is another profession that is highly demanded in the United States. Nurses assist doctors in preparing patients for treatment and administering drugs when necessary. 

If you’re moving to the US intending to get a job as a nurse, it is highly recommended that you get a degree in nursing or at least an associate degree. This will qualify you for several nursing jobs and put you ahead of the competition.

  • Financial Manager

The work of a financial expert cannot be undermined in any company. They help management make the best financial decisions that will aid the development of a company. They also help to maximize profits and minimize risks. 

Financial managers are highly demanded in the US and will surely be a great catch for any Canadian moving to the states.

  • Dentists

Dentists frequently appear in the rankings of the most remarkable healthcare careers in the US. While the income is generally appealing, it is also less stressful. They can schedule appointments with clients at their convenience. It’s a position that necessitates a thorough understanding of the industry, the ability to concentrate on your work, and maintaining a good relationship with clients.

  • Pilots 

The pilot is the head of the flight crew. The copilot assists the captain with responsibilities in the cockpit and is the second in command of a flight. The pilot is equipped with the knowledge of flying a plane and ensuring that passengers reach their destination safely. 

Piloting is one of the highest-paying careers in the US. This is a perfect job for Canadians not moving to the states with their family since it requires spending a lot of time away from home.


Canada and the United States have always enjoyed a peaceful relationship as neighbouring countries. Canadians with valid passports can easily go to the United States without hassle. However, you will need to have a visa if you are going for employment purposes. 

There are several employment opportunities you can explore in the US. It all depends on your professional experience and educational qualification. Examine the most popular jobs in America and explore the jobs that suit your skills and qualifications.

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