AptPay Launches First Digital Payments Gaming Client in Canada

AptPay, the fast-growing payment processor, recently partnered with Canada’s biggest horse race betting provider—Woodbine—to facilitate secure, fast and contactless payments for both in-person and online gambling.

The service will function with the help of EML Payments, the leading force behind contactless payments in Canada.

“EML is delighted to support AptPay’s Gambling ambitions in Canada, and future growth plans across the North American market.”

A Game Changer for Gambling Payouts

 Shams Syed, AptPay’s CEO believes this partnership will be a gamechanger in the casino banking sector.

“Through this incredible partnership for AptPay with Woodbine’s HPIbet, consumers can finally receive their winnings in real time from wagering,” he said. 

“They can push the money directly to accepting bank accounts or have a reloadable prepaid card issued instantly in the new year,” Syed added.

Recent Partnership with NRT Technology and MasterCard

AptPay has been making moves to become the best payment processor in Canada for months. Last year, the company partnered with NRT Technology and MasterCard for speedy gambling transactions throughout North America.

In the deal, gamblers will have the privilege to send money from gambling sites to digital wallets, cards and banks instantly. AptPay believes the partnership could lead to a migration of over $7 trillion of cash to digital payments in Canada and the US by 2023.

Other Known Fast Payout Options in Canada

Although AptPay is making a case for being the best payment processor in Canada, it is not the only option available. Other popular online payment providers you can use at leading fast withdrawal casinos are covered in more details here

  • Visa and MasterCard

All around Canada, casinos and sportsbooks support two main card providers: Visa and MasterCard. Sometimes you can also get the option to use Maestro or Discover.

But Visa and MasterCard are the most popular card options at casinos. Should you use either? If you like to use your credit/debit card for online payments, then find a Visa or MasterCard casino.

Credit cards are faster and cheaper than bank transfer. Also, they are secure and provide chargeback options. As mentioned, you’re guaranteed to find a Visa/MasterCard casino in Canada.

  • Skrill

For many years, Skrill was the most popular digital wallet provide for gambling sites. The explanation is straightforward. Payment processors haven’t always worked with casinos.

However, Skrill was designed to facilitate gambling payments from the start. This made it the payment of choice for most gamblers until new competitors stepped into the market.

In case you’re wondering, Skrill is a safe and fast payment provider. It works with MasterCard to help you fund your account. But you can also withdraw your money to a bank.

  • Neteller

Like Skrill, Neteller was created to enable gambling payments. As a result, it’s a popular payment option at Canadian casinos. Neteller is owned by the same company that runs Skrill, so it has the same perks as its sister website.

You need a MasterCard account to add funds to your Neteller account. But you can also use crypto or bank payment. The company has low fees and flexible limits.

But beware, Neteller and Skrill tend not to attract bonuses from gambling sites. The reason is because the two companies have lax account creation rules, which enables people to claim bonuses multiple times illegally.

  • Google Pay

Google Pay is Google’s challenge to PayPal. It works on both android and iOS devices, making it a tad more convenient than Apple Pay. Crucially, Google Pay supports casino payments.

It’s fast, secure and cheap. You can also claim a bonus from a Google Pay Casino. The only problem with Google Pay is that it operates in a few countries. Luckily, Canada is one of these nations.

  • iDEBIT

iDEBIT is a popular Canadian payment provider designed to speed up payments between banks and casinos. The company works as an intermediary. It handles data security so that online casinos have limited information about you.

Interestingly, iDEBIT supports guest transactions. You can skip the account creation process and still deposit money to casino sites safely. While it’s cheap, keep in mind withdrawals can take up to five days.

  • EChecks

If you’ve been gambling online for more than a decade, you probably used a check for payments at one time. Unfortunately, checks lost their popularity over time due to slow speeds, high fees and popularity with scammers.

In 2022, checks are back—just not in the original manner. Instead of a physical check, you can transact with a digital check from your bank account. Casinos love e-Checks because they mean guaranteed money. Additionally, they’re faster than physical checks, cheap and secure. 

  • Cryptocurrencies

Nowadays, gambling companies are opening up to the idea of crypto payments. In all fairness, casinos have been supporting Bitcoin payments since the early 2010s. The only difference is that there are far too many crypto gambling sites these days.

How do Bitcoin casinos work? They come in two types. Some crypto casinos provide regular slots and poker games. But they allow you to deposit and withdraw money through Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple.

The other type of crypto casinos feature blockchain-based games. You gamble actual Bitcoin and ETH coins in rea-time. That being said, most licensed and secure operators fall into the former category.

When you deposit Bitcoin to a casino, you receive their equivalence in Canadian dollars. Or you get a casino-based currency. This way, casinos avoid keeping crypto on hot wallets for safety reasons. 

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