The Rise Of Online Gambling In Ontario

Online gambling offers better value for money due to the number of free games and welcome bonuses that are given out. Just two months after the Ontario government launched a regulated online gambling market, 33% of the Ontario population are already registered with at least one online betting company. Prior to this, the nation could only legally gamble online via a government betting platform. So, just why have people in Ontario been so quick to sign up and use private online betting sites?

It benefits the local population

For years, people in Ontario have been using offshore casinos to place online bets. This was and still is legal in all parts of Canada. Native News Online reports that most Canadians who use offshore sites choose to use ones that are licensed in Europe. But, this means local governments are missing out on tax revenue. Ontario-based online casinos must have a license to run an online casino from the province. When the Ontario population is sure online gambling sites have this, they’re more likely to give online gambling a go as the tax revenue made benefits the nation as a whole. For example, it helps to pay for free health care, education, and highway maintenance.

More betting options are available 

A recent Ipsos survey asked Canadians for their opinions on government-run online gambling platforms and private ones. The private ones came out on top in many categories. 36% said that private platforms offered the best payouts and odds. 21% said they felt the government-run platforms had better odds. 30% of Canadians also said that privately-owned gambling sites had a wide range of activities to bet on, compared to just 23% for the sites operated by the government. There are always new ways of betting online that are being made available to people in Ontario. Google Play recently updated its policies, making some gambling apps available on the Play Store in countries including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. They’re also enticing as they are free of charge. As long as the apps are licensed in Ontario or are run by the government, then people living in the province are free to enjoy them.

A media frenzy

Good advertising sells products, and the private online gambling industry in Ontario and the rest of Canada has gone all out with its advertisement deals. It has just been announced that PGA Tour and bet365 have signed a 3-year deal that involves bet365 advertising via PGA Tour platforms in Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Australia. Other big deals that have helped to sell online gambling to the nation, include a 10 year deal between theScore and the Toronto Blue Jays, an advertising campaign between PointsBet Canada and the Trailer Park Boys that will last for years, and a long-term agreement between BCE and TSN sports Network. These highly influential advertising campaigns will encourage people in Ontario to give online gambling a try. Existing players who opt in to deals also have access to free bets and offers. When other players hear about these exclusive deals, they’ll naturally want to see what they’re missing out on and sign up too.

Online gambling is a growing trend right across the world. It has taken Ontario some time to catch up with the popular pastime, but now that it has, it’s clear to see that people in the province are loving their new online gambling freedom. As a result, a further rise in online signups and wagers is expected in the coming months.

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