The Instagram pedophile confesses to the abuse of almost a hundred children: “I apologize”

The request for 1 324 years imprisonment will be reduced to 20 years after acknowledging the facts and mitigating circumstances.

José Ángel SS, accused of sexual abuse almost one hundred minors between 2015 and 2018, it admitted in court he deceived them via Instagram having sexual relations, as he admitted in the investigation, and acknowledge that it has a sexual disorderwho show remorse and apologize to the victims, legal sources reported.

The one known as a pederast from Instagram, from 31 yearssat on the bench of the defendants of the Madrid Provincial Court this Monday for more than 250 crimes of twelve different kinds of child pornography, sexual abuse, cyberbullying and corruption of minors, among others. All the victims were children of less than 16 years old.

From 1,324 years to 20

The prosecutor is asking the sexual predator for a sentence of 1,324 years in prison but the effective fulfillment would be 30 years. However, the sentence would stand reduced to 20 years with the application of mitigating factors and the recognition of the crimes, as indicated by legal sources.

In this type of crime, an agreement cannot be reached between the parties, the prosecutor, the defense attorney and private defendants, as requires evidence for a conviction.

This Monday’s session focused on preliminary questions and the questioning of the accused, who admitted the crimes of which he is accused according to the lawyers present at the appearance “without a doubt”.

For recognition, part of the witness testimony was dropped. The parties to the process decided in the civil liability hearing to calculate the amounts to be delivered to each of the injured parties.

Deviation as mitigation

In the expert, they will appear psychologists who treated the pedophile to make sure that suffers from a disorderwhich will mean a mitigating in the sentence to be imposed in the sentence imposed.

Most of the minors are represented by the prosecutor, while there are three who carry their own private prosecution. One of the attorneys, Attorney Santiago Seijas, told how is the minor’s family what it represents and the trauma which caused this situation.

“It is difficult enough for the whole family and for the child “, said the lawyer, who is handling the case of a boy who was abused at the age of 14 and for whom asks the accused for a sentence of fifteen years out of jail

The lawyer believes there could have been failures so that the abuse to which the victims were subjected would be extended in a timely manner, from November 2015 to September 2018, including parental control, the adolescence the victims went through and their own Pederast manipulation.

On command, he admitted the abuse and suffered an illness, for which he demanded undergoing rehabilitation. ‘From the beginning it showed iintention to rehabilitate“, the Seijas underlined.

The trial is being held behind closed doors and will last for several days. After concluding this first session, one of the lawyers stated that they were “satisfied” with the accused’s confession and his signs of repentance.

the deception

The prosecutor’s office stressed that through social networks such as Instagram, WhatsApp groups, “or others of a similar nature”, JASS contacted minors under 16 years of age with the intention of maintaining sexual contacts of a different nature with them.

Sometimes, pretended to be a minor girl named Lorena with whom the minors had conversations of a sexual nature.

Once they won their trust, he sent them photos and videos of a naked minor girl masturbating and in turn “in a libidinous mood”. he asked minors to send him nude photos and videos and masturbating, “who agreed to the request of the accused under deception to talk to a minor girl.

sexual encounters

Once the deception was consolidated, he sought on several occasions have a sexual encounter with the minors to whom she proposed to have a trio with her and with an alleged friend of hers “who would himself be the accused”. In this way he could deceive them “to take advantage of the lack of maturity of the victimsAll of them under 16 years old.

Later, during these conversations, the accused continued to request very persistent that they meet directly with that friend to have sex with him if they want to meet Lorena.

This way he managed it bend the will of their victims, “in some cases even offering money or gifts to minors so that they will agree to it”. On more than one occasion, his tactics achieved the desired success as the minors agreed to have consensual sex with JASS

During these appointments, “the minors and the accused mutually masturbated, fellatio, and in some cases the accused even penetrated them.”

Identity theft

On other occasions, the accused appeared on social networks as a young minor, In doing so, he also managed to lead a few minors under the age of 16 with whom he exchanged messages of a sexual nature and photographic and video files in which both the accused and the minors exhibited and masturbated their genitals, led around the forest.

Through this route, the defendant also He suggested meeting them to have a sexual encounterin some cases they offer money The gifts to carry out these sexual practices, to achieve them on occasions in which the minors have agreed to have consensual sexual relations with the accused.

Abuse of power

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In other cases, the accused presented himself directly to the minors as a man of legal age, “also achieved in this way gain the trust of minors and maintain with them an exchange of messages of a sexual nature and photos and videos in which both the accused and the minors appeared naked and masturbating, and persistently proposing to arrange a sexual encounter, which sometimes took place while the minors had sexual relations that were consistent with the accused.

With regard to the interrogation of minors, the prosecutor’s office is interested in adopting the measures provided for in Criminal Procedure Law to avoid “visual confrontation with the accused, by using any technical means that make it possible to extract this evidence. such as video conferencing or other similar system that enables bidirectional and simultaneous communication of image and sound “.

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