The collapse in the bars causes scenes of tension in the Primavera Sound

  • Extremely long waits for drinks or food (half an hour to an hour for a beer) irritate attendees

  • The organization claims to be aware of the problem and undertakes to find a solution for the next few days

Beyond the taste for music, if something agreed to the tens of thousands of people who attended the first day of Primavera Sound at the Parc del Fòrum was the irritation at the absolute collapse experienced in the bars in which drinks and food are dispensed. the sizable increase in the number of spectators (never had a festival Thursday recorded such crowds) fatally allied itself with the inexperience of a clearly insufficient staff. The result: you wait between half an hour and an hour to get a simple beer (four and a half euros, not counting the glass).

And it was not a sporadic case, no. That was the norm. As the night progressed, the initial dissatisfaction gave way to general anger and they began to live tense scenes in the barswhere thirsty consumers saw the possibility of attending the concert of this or that group vanish due to inexplicable delays.

bulk protests

“It’s the most inept system I’ve ever seen at a festival! & rdquor ;, shouted in English (the lingua franca of this year’s Primavera) a veteran spectator who looked like he had been to a lot of festivals. There were less polite protests. Just take a look at Twitter to see that the organization you should strive to find a solution if you don’t want things to overflow in the next few days.

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Faced with the avalanche of complaints, the festival has shared a message on social networks in which it claims to be aware of the situation and undertakes to find a solution.

As in previous editions, Primavera Sound has hired a Portuguese company to manage the bar service. And they are mostly Portuguese waiters, displaced by bus, who serve them. This year, by the way, Star It has taken over the festival’s beer monopoly, displacing Heineken. From the point of view of the image, the play is not going well for them.

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