The Government proposes to reduce the speed on the AP-7 to 110km/h to reduce accidents

The AP-7 is the highway plus deadly of the Catalan road network in 2022. Since the year began 13 people have died in traffic accidents in this freeway. The figure multiplies by three the statistics for the same period of 2019the last reference year before the pandemic. To reduce the accident rate, the Government intends to limit the speed on this expressway to 110 kilometers per hour10 less than currently allowed.

The circulation on this road increased with the liberalization of tolls in August last year. In this sense, the Catalan Transit Service He assures that he has done it by 40%. To all this, we must add a greater traffic of trucks and others Heavy vehicles. With this combination, the end result is that this road adds even more mobility problems and more accident rate.

The Minister of Inside, Joan Ignacio Elena, has been “especially” concerned about the fatal figures and has called on the authorities and society to “react” to reduce them. For this reason, he considers that lowering the speed from 10 to 110 km/h on this highway “may be a measure that helps, along with all the others that have been proposed.” However, the final decision to lower the speed limit he has it State Goverment.

Specific Trànsit car plan

The other decisions Elena refers to is the “specific shock plan” that Transit has activated this Friday for Transit the AP-7. These measures translate into more speed cameras Y alcohol checks Y drugs to carriers. It will also increase the number of helicopters that detect the infractions of the vehicles.

By contrast, the Generalitat no prohibitions or limitations on the circulation of trucks are expected, except at specific times, as is already applied on several highways in the country.

Special device for the long weekend

Trànsit has also activated today a special device for the weekend. Monday is a holiday in Catalonia and an increase in mobility is expected. Specifically, it is expected that some 480,000 vehicles will be mobilized from the Barcelona Metropolitan Area during the departure operation this Friday afternoon and throughout Saturday until 3:00 p.m.

The return forecast for Monday afternoon is about 290,000 vehicles. It should also be borne in mind that this weekend the Motorcycling Grand Prix is ​​taking place at the Circuit de Catalunya, which will mobilize some 100,000 fans over the three days.

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Monday there will be extra lanes for the return operation at the point of AP-7 with the B-23 Come in Vilafranca Y Molins de Reion the C-32 north between Sant Andreu de Llavaneres Y Montgatand on the C-32 south between Gava Y Cornella de Llobregat.

As long as these additional lanes are in operation, carriers must drive in the right lane, at a 80km/h top speed and without overtaking.

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