Spain responds to AMLO: does not accept Quirino Ordaz

The Government of President Pedro Sánchez is not in a position to grant approval to former Governor Quirino Ordaz to become Mexico’s ambassador to Spain.

Forty mornings hitting Spain have, at last, a response from the socialist government. We don’t want Quirino Ordaz. Without a diplomatic profile and turned into a piece of commercial exchange for the benefit of the PRI, Spain has plenty of reasons not to grant it approval.

President López Obrador has changed his mind. Three years ago he told various career diplomats that during his government he would respect the Mexican Foreign Service (SEM). He considered its members a jewel. He promised that he would not follow the route of previous presidents: use the SEM as a medal table, gold for friends, bronze for enemies.

One of the latest insults by President Peña Nieto was that he sent Fidel Herrera to Barcelona. Nobody told Peña that Catalonia was going through a critical moment: the independence process. Peña, happy, wanted to reward Don Fidel to avoid problems with drug trafficking.

President López Obrador has come to realize that the diplomatic medal table is an extension of domestic politics.

The then director of Conagua, Blanca Jiménez Cisneros, presented her resignation to President López Obrador on several occasions because she did not tolerate corruption within the body. The Mexican president decided to award her with a gold medal: he took her to the embassy in Paris and, from there, Blanca Jiménez reactivates her family relationship with her children who study in England.

Everyone happy. Except Emmanuel Macron.

Now, President López Obrador is in a stage of reconciliation with the PRI due to his reforms. You need it in Congress. Quirino Ordaz to Madrid.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Madrid has a record of the corruption cases in which Quirino Ordaz Coppel is implicated. One of them: rotten mattresses given to victims or the irregular purchase for 174 million pesos of the Homex building to move public offices.

The Government of Spain never understood the reason why President López Obrador chose him to wear down the relationship during the mornings, that parallel space of reality. Diplomacy feeds on codes. And it is through it the way in which Spain has expressed its disagreement with President López Obrador.

Foreign Ministry sources expect the worst for 2022. President López Obrador already has a list of diplomatic medals. Awards and punishments in substitution of SEM members.

For now, the Government of Pedro Sánchez has responded to President López Obrador: the monarchy will not apologize to the native peoples.


Fausto Pretelin Muñoz de Cote

Consultant, academic, editor

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He was a research professor in ITAM’s Department of International Studies, published the book Referendum Twitter and was editor and contributor to various newspapers such as 24 Horas, El Universal, Milenio. He has published in magazines such as Foreign Affairs, Le Monde Diplomatique, Life & Style, Chilango and Revuelta. He is currently an editor and columnist for El Economista.

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