Queretaro, Qro. The Canadian company Solfium and the State Energy Agency signed an alliance to install solar panels in 80,000 homes in the state.

Through this project, it seeks to reduce 1.85 million tons of CO2, equivalent to planting more than 5.5 million trees, reported the governor, Mauricio Kuri González.

We seek to achieve distributed generation with solar panels of 125 megawatts, equivalent to more than 230,000 panels, this is to energize more than 80,000 homes”, he stated.

The alliance is also considering bringing electricity to localities in the state that lack this service. Through contributions made by the company, a fund will be generated to develop social projects, which will be operated by the agency.

Headquarters for Latin America

In this context, it was also announced that the solar energy supplier will install an operational headquarters for the Latin American market in Querétaro, a training center for solar installers nationwide.

As well as an engineering and development center; In addition, a customer service unit. The company is expected to generate 400 direct and 500 indirect jobs.

The general director of the State Energy Agency, Mauricio Reyes Caracheo, stated that this alliance strengthens the state’s infrastructure.

The general director and co-founder of Solfium, Andrés Friedman Fernández, stated that the firm emerged with the purpose of accelerating the transition towards sustainability, through simple ways to adopt solar energy.

“We want to promote solar energy in the state, through our inclusive, digital and technological model that facilitates the adoption of solar energy for homes, businesses and large companies and industries,” he said.

Through the triple helix model, he added, -which links the company, the academy and the government- the entity aims to promote clean energy in a model similar to the one that was implemented 10 years ago with the aeronautical industry.


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