SICT reassigns another $4,393 million to CDMX

For the second consecutive day, the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT) reassigns federal resources to Mexico City to exercise during 2022. This Thursday, the agency announced that it will give the local government 4,393.2 million pesos to support the program: Integrated transportation system for the eastern zone of the Valley of Mexico.

Among the works involved are: the rehabilitation of Line A of the Metro, the acquisition of 12 additional trains for the operation of the same line, reconversion of trains, the rehabilitation of the civil infrastructure of the modal transfer centers of Santa Martha and Pantitlán and the implementation of universal accessibility within the facilities of Line A of the STC Metro.

Of the resources that SICT will deliver, a part will also be used to pay for the Corridor with high-capacity Chalco-Santa Martha trolley buses (which will connect Mexico City and the State of Mexico, whose construction is in charge of the companies La Peninsular Compañía Constructora y Alcance Total), which has already been identified as a priority and strategic work for national development.

Among the characteristics of the articulated trolleybuses to be purchased are: length of 18 meters, capacity for 160 passengers, equipped with security cameras, reversing sensors and spaces for people with disabilities, while in terms of infrastructure, resources will have to be channel, among other things, for: the payment of ordinary, extraordinary, additional work estimates and cost adjustments, corresponding to civil and electromechanical works contracts, supervision, services, consultancies, studies and projects.

New agreement

Among the commitments made by the parties is “to ensure the application and effectiveness of the agreement”, for which they will have to adjust to “the guidelines for the effective, transparent, agile and efficient exercise of the resources transferred by the dependencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration to the states through coordination agreements on the reallocation of resources, as well as other applicable legal provisions.

Because the resources will begin to flow during this month, there is a commitment to the principles of transparency before civil society, as well as the rules of access to public information, without in any case putting the information at risk and/or or documentation of restricted access in its two modalities of reserved and confidential, in accordance with the laws on the matter. For the execution of the project, the government of Mexico City must take charge of the bidding processes and subsequently deliver monthly reports on the physical, financial and global progress of the program.

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