• Estimar’s chef will give prominence to the sea in the hotel’s new restaurant, which will open in the first quarter of next year

The Hotel El Palace Barcelona already has a new flash chef. After negotiating with Alain Ducasse, has signed Rafa Zafra (Estimate) to take over a new restaurant in the emblematic establishment. The new project will see the light during the first quarter of next year (that is the intention although it could be delayed a few more weeks) and it still has no name.

The new project will be in the room he occupied Heavens, in which Romain Fornell defended a Michelin star and which had not been reused since he moved to the Hotel Ohla. Now it is under construction because it will look very different from before. “It is a very important reform”, advances Zafra, who has the total confidence of the hotel property, which has given him total freedom to carry out the project.

“Product and something else”

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The Andalusian chef, who has just been top ten in the Macarfi guide with his Estimar restaurants in Barcelona and Madrid, will bet on a model in which “he will fuse the classicism of El Palace [103 años cumplirá en 2022] with the fresh part of Estimar to make a ‘casualization’ of luxury “. Zafra, accompanied in this adventure by his partner, Anna Gotanegra, and Ricardo Acquista, his inseparable companions in the Born and Jondal establishment (Eivissa), will bet on “the product and something else”.

“That is,” explains the cook, “they will be recipes somewhat more elaborate than in Estimar, where there is only product. At El Palace, there will be product with something, be it sauce, garnish, juice … We will have more freedom when cooking and there will be many dishes to share, it will be very festive, and the protagonist will be the sea, which is our dna “. That will translate into “a menu with 70-80% seafood, and the rest will be for meat and poultry lovers.”

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