Querétaro requires increasing the electricity supply capacity

Querétaro, Qro. The electricity supply requirements in the state, particularly in industry, demand an increase in local installed capacity.

In a first diagnosis made by the State Energy Agency, in front of large industrial companies, it showed a need to supply 400 MVA (megavoltaic), which would imply raising the current installed capacity of 2,000 MVA by almost 20%, explained the head of the agency, Mauricio Reyes Caracheo.

Faced with this problem, the local government proposes to pay for the strengthening of the electrical infrastructure that the state needs, which will be delivered to the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) for its operation and maintenance.

“The provision of the service will continue to be the responsibility of the CFE. In what the state government wants to contribute is to generate the necessary electrical infrastructure so that in Querétaro there is energy for everyone ”, he commented.

In the diagnosis carried out by the agency, significant energy requirements have been detected, which at the moment account for 400 MVA; For this, a survey of information is carried out on the needs of electricity supplies of large and medium-sized industries, to later design the infrastructure projects and define the costing.

“We have sat down with all interested parties, especially industrialists and large companies; and there is an important requirement ”, said the Canacintra state leader.

Projects could consist of reinforcing existing infrastructure through extensions; generate new substations and supply lines. However, it will be up to the National Center for Energy Control (Cenace) to define the necessary works.

“We are working on it (to define the investment), because we have to respect the Federation’s rules, we are going together and we are defining the necessary projects to have that and then we have to pay for them,” said Mauricio Reyes.

The studies and diagnoses carried out to date highlight that it is urgent to generate a first block to supply about 200 MVA, a project that is contemplated for the end of 2022.

In the state, the industry is the main consumer of energy, and is based mainly in the municipalities of the Metropolitan Area.

In November, Governor Mauricio Kuri González reported that among the projects being studied to strengthen the electricity supply capacity in Querétaro is the construction of a new substation that provides electricity; The work would be in the process of integration and analysis to pay for an initiative of this type, as it could involve an investment of more than 200 million dollars.

The president has recognized in the supply of energy one of the challenges facing the state, especially to guarantee this service to investment projects.

Likewise, it has stated that one of its commitments is to manage the installation of substations to give the state viability for the next 20 years, in terms of electricity supply.


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