Peso depreciates through Fed monetary policy announcement

El mexican peso is depressed front to dollar estadounidense is this school. The local currency division debits the sale of ticket tickets registered through the monetary policy announcement of the Federal Reserve of the United States.

El cambio type closed the session in 20,7283 units compared to a group of 20,6239 units ayer, with dates of Bank of Mexico (Banxico). This move means for the person a value of 10.44 cents or 0.50 per cent.

It operates at an aborted rank between a maximum of 20,7720 units (which increases through the announcement) and a minimum of 20,5508 units. El Index Dollars (DXY), which is divided into other shares, is down 0.58% to 96.48 units per year.

The dollar was rejected when the central bank announced its first decision of the year. The graph of the type of change escalated subtly in the last tram of the journada debit to an information that dio poca certaza on the market.

“The central bank must be careful to find the equilibrium adequate to take inflation seriously and not exaggerate [la información]. Markets are easily assisted, “said Craig Erlam, an analyst at OANDA.

Fed Announcements

The president of the monetary authority, Jerome Powell, said he had not determined the tray directory of the closest interest rates, and added that it was not possible to predict that would be the culmination of his policy.

The comments from Hizos at a press conference have been announced as they continue their work and publish a statement confirming that the first step was to take part in the March Fed meeting.

In an information that hopes for the operators, the communiqué states that the Fed is asking for a reduction in its balance sheet in the case of 9 billion dollars, a time that initiates the cycle of increments in the price of money.

Concerning inflation, which in the United States set a record of 1982 in 2021, it is likely that it will probably be too early this year. “Alza engines are mainly the perturbations caused by the pandemic”, dijo.

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