Democrat-Backed Darren Bailey Wins Illinois Republican Gubernatorial Primary

Illinois Democrats got the opponent they wanted for incumbent Gov. JB Pritzker on Tuesday, when state Sen. Darren Bailey won the Republican gubernatorial primary. The race was called by Bailey with about 33% of the votes counted. She got 53.5% of the vote with venture capitalist Jesse Sullivan getting 16.9% and former Aurora Mayor Richard […]

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Trump Tried to Join Jan. 6 Armed Mob Despite Threat of Violence, Former Aide Testifies

Cassidy Hutchinson, a former top adviser to Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, arrives to testify during the sixth hearing of the House select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. at the Cannon House office building in Washington on June 28. .Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images US President Donald Trump was […]

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Marjorie Taylor Greene asks for Secret Service testimony, “own J6” hearing

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia, said Tuesday that she could soon hold her “own” committee hearings on Jan. 6. Greene appears during a news conference in front of the Capitol in Washington, DC, on June 15, 2022. Kevin Dietsch/Getty Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia said she could hold her “own” hearings on Jan. […]

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GND: a good show, but no votes

The end-of-year reviews reported Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois’ ability to capture attention during his muscular and colorful exchanges with the Prime Minister. These moments also earned him a TV coverage bonus. Dominique Anglade’s liberals suffered behind, impatient. However, the latest polls show that the effects of the toga and the oratorical performances of the new parliamentary leader […]

Does politics still want Jean Charest?

Jean Charest wants to return to politics. But does politics still want him? A true conservative movement would favor his return. MPs from Quebec would encourage him to get started, as would some from Ontario, the Maritimes and even the West. The “progressive conservatives” seem to have made him their candidate. Is he really the […]

For Justin, it’s the hour of truth

We tend to take our chance to live in a democracy for granted. The events of the past few weeks at the border and in Ottawa should have taught us to cherish her. Democracy is the exception on planet Earth and we are indeed very lucky. What started out as a perfectly fine exercise in […]

With the pandemic, what have we become?

The pandemic alone is destroying what remains of optimism, pleasure in living, joviality, but also respect for others, dignity and collective pride of Quebecers. Every day brings bad news. Every day plunges us into disappointments of all kinds. We thought we were dominating the health situation thanks to passports reserved for vaccinated people and now […]

The Cambray meeting with the teachers’ unions ends without an agreement

The demonstrators, ready to maintain the mobilizations The Minister of Education, Josep González-Cambraymet this Friday with the education unions Ustec·Stes, CCOO, Intersindical-CSC, Aspepc·Sps and UGT, which have been locked up in the Department since Thursday, where some fifty teacher representatives have spent the night. But the meeting has ended without agreement. “The ‘conseller’ has not […]

Québec demande aux résidences de refaire bouger d’urgence les aînés

Selon nos informations, la directive qui s’adresse à tous les types de milieux de vie et d’hébergement (résidence privée pour aînésRPA, Centre d’hébergement et de soins de longue duréeCHSLD, RI-RTF) sera envoyée au réseau d’ici lundi. Cette consigne s’ajoute aux assouplissements dans les mesures de prévention et de contrôle des infections, annoncés mercredi. Le mal […]

FDA : n’utilisez pas de préparations pour nourrissons rappelées liées à des infections

Crédit : Pixabay/CC0 Domaine public Les responsables américains de la santé ont averti jeudi les parents de ne pas utiliser trois préparations en poudre pour nourrissons populaires fabriquées dans une usine Abbott du Michigan que les enquêteurs ont récemment liées à une contamination bactérienne. La Food and Drug Administration a déclaré qu’elle enquêtait sur quatre cas […]

The Casado-Ayuso war worries the Catalan PP

“It is the most ‘heavy’ situation that I have seen in 20 years as a member, and by far”, is how a leader of the Catalan PP summarizes the open war between the national leader, Paul Marriedand the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayusowhich worries the Catalan leadership, which had already launched […]

Examen du massacre à la tronçonneuse au Texas – IGN

Texas Chainsaw Massacre est diffusé sur Netflix le 18 février 2022. Il faudrait un semestre universitaire pour informer ceux qui ne sont pas des superfans de Leatherface comment nous en sommes arrivés au Texas Chainsaw Massacre de 2022. L’entrée de David Blue Garcia, la neuvième de la franchise des abattoirs du sud, reprend tout sauf […]