El man who failed in the madrugada of his jewels to burn a live en el barrio madrileño de Tetuán is the actor Arturo Arribas, which has participated in television series such as ‘Hospital Central’, and now the National Police is investigating the causes of the success.

Según han confirmed to Efe fuentes de la investigación, Arturo Arribas, de 56 años, es el hombre que vivía en la vivienda afectada, en que se desató un fire of small dimensions but that provoked much humo.

Inside the bombers you will find a unique uniform in a cardiorespiratoria parade, of which the Samur could not be revived, there were various animals of company that had been rescued. The agents will investigate the identity of the victim and now investigate the causes of the fire, as usual, he pointed out police sources.

Arturo Arribas has participated in various success series such as ‘Hospital Central’, which is interpreted as a sanitario del Samur, o ‘Al salir de class’.

The success has taken place in an edification of two coral plants located at number 22 of Calle San Raimundo, in the Madrileño district of Tetuán, one of the fountains of Emergencies Madrid. After receiving the opinion, you should read the first donation of bombers detecting a light humus in the cube and thinking that a fire has been committed on the tejado, but to revise each live finally the bombers enter one that has much humo and a person tends to the sole.

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Although the fire was of small dimensions, the humus was pretty toxic because of the cabbage and plastic procedure, he explained the bombers.

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The National Police has assisted in various sales of furniture, while the Municipal Police also collaborated in the areas.


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