Ciutat Meridiana takes to the streets against chronic uncertainties

  • The neighborhood association is calling for a protest this Friday afternoon “against poverty, unemployment and evictions, for a decent life”

The characteristic background noise when you pick up the phone leaves no room for doubt. He’s in an eviction. It’s Wednesday 26 January and it’s 12 o’clock. “In the end, one of the three stood up in court today, but the other two we had to get to the doorand here we are & rdquor;, point out Filiberto Bravo, leader of the Ciutat Meridiana Neighborhood Association, entity that has spent several years that is absolutely dedicated to the fight for the right to housing. This difficult task – that everyone has a safe roof – is what leads them to come together this friday a demonstration of red square -neuralgic center of the neighborhood- to Fabra and Puig under the slogan: “Against poverty, unemployment and evictions, for a decent life”.

Stop evictions at the door –actually put them off– is the daily bread in this enclave of the Northern Zone of Nou Barris, one of the poorest in the city, and one in which the least noticed state moratorium on evictions, breast the extreme uncertainty of many of his neighbors. Postpone them, when you can and how you can. Sometimes they just get it right in a few days to be able to pick up well. In one of the cases this Wednesday, it was a couple with two disabled children by close contact in his class group and was about to be executed until the last minute. Only after two in the afternoon did they finally reach an agreement and the family was given a week to leave the apartment. One week. “Finally off the property [un gran tenedor] I was told that if General ask them to enter the Reallotgem program to give them a social rent they are willing to do it ”, he concludes with a little hope Bravo, who fights each case to the end as if it were his own.

The purpose of Friday’s demonstration is come out of this loop. Stop turning this wheel in which everyone is displacing responsibilities & rdquor ;, says Bravo, insisting that it is not just housing. “It’s unemployed, it’s uncertain & rdquor ;, he emphasizes convinced that the time has come to move on to ‘direct action & rdquor; and to point out that some housing unions from other neighborhoods in the city have joined the call of the neighborhood association.

The importance of papers

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Another issue closely related to both the place of residence as with the insecurity that some of the neighborhood association and other entities of the area are put on the table, the urgency of the regularization of people in an irregular administrative situation. “They can postponement of evictions, but if you do not have papers, you do not even have the right to import them emergency table“, Denies Bravo, which also serves as reasons for the protest the role of the Mossos in the latest evictions and “the arrogance of the judges & rdquor ;.

“We are tired of unfulfilled promises and big headlines that come to nothing & rdquor;, concludes the neighborhood spokesperson remember that only this month of January have them on the table 20 eviction dates.

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