Hundreds of civilians fleeing the Taliban | Photo: EFE

A total of 640 Afghan civilians managed to board a United States Air Force plane, some of them jumping onto the aircraft’s semi-open ramp, fleeing from the Taliban, who now have almost total control of the country.

The context: In a viral image they are observed at approximately 600 people on board the C-17 plane seated, many of them without luggage, leaving the country. At least seven people died in the airport facilities when they fell from a military plane leaving the city.

  • They were some of the thousands of Afghans who ran onto the Kabul airport runway since Sunday, seeking an exit from Afghanistan, and that led to the closure of the airfield.
  • US troops reopened the airstrip just before midnight in Kabul, said Major General Hank Taylor, a senior Pentagon official.

What do they say? The plane’s crew declared an emergency when leaving the capital after its landing gear failed to raise. The authorities are not clear if the plane in question was the same one that appeared in the viral videos that showed two people falling from a C-17 leaving the airfield.

  • “Rather than trying to force those refugees off the plane, ‘the crew made the decision to leave,'” an unidentified defense official told Defense One.
  • The military found human remains in the landing gear of the plane after the aircraft deviate elsewhere and land, two officials said on condition of anonymity.

Main source of the news: The Washington Post

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