Letters to the Sun: Saturday, May 11, 2024

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Re: Paid parking that reaches Spanish banks

I would like to thank the commissioners of the Vancouver Park Board for voting in favor of paid parking at the Spanish banks.

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If we can afford to drive cars, we can afford to pay $1 an hour for parking. Free parking should not be a right anywhere in the city. Also, if people had to pay to park on Spanish benches, it could stop people from parking all day and allow others to enjoy the beach too.

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Mary Sherlock, Vancouver

Loblaws is not the problem

Re: Loblaw boycott may be ‘ineffective and juvenile’, but it’s still worth doing

There is currently a consumer movement aimed at boycotting Loblaws, accused of making too much at the expense of consumers. I don’t want to insist, but the idea of ​​making a profit is at the heart of capitalism; Otherwise, what’s the point of a business venture if the goal is to lose money? While we’re at it, why focus only on Loblaws? Now we can boycott Meta/Facebook, Amazon, etc. and all those business concerns that turn people into billionaires.

This is not a defense of the Loblaws and all those for-profit business enterprises, but the fact is that we are all responsible for electing people who make possible the unprecedented growth of billionaires or, at most, enablers of this kind . Profit is the motto. The endless cycle of supply and demand is in operation at all times. We, the consumers, drive this into overdrive. It’s as simple as that. Loblaws is now the face of the enemy but it is not the problem. Various economic factors and influences must be considered, including our own needs that turned it into a profit center and now in the face of the enemy.

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Norman Ostonal, New Westminster

Bold column raises awareness about intolerance in India

Re: Growing intolerance drove me away from India

Kudos to Daud Arif for writing such a bold column on the growing intolerance and Islamophobia in India under Modi. Keep in mind that you are not alone in this. As a secularist Indian, I sympathize with you. It is unfortunate that India is no longer the same since the right-wing Hindu nationalist BJP came to power.

Attacks on religious minorities, particularly Muslims and political dissidents, have increased due to this government’s policies. Recent events in Canada, such as the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, are a side effect. We need more voices like yours to educate Canadians about this challenge.

Gurpreet Singh, North Delta

Vancouver’s rainforests have a remarkable capacity for renewal

Re: ‘Silent trails’ coming to Metro Vancouver parks in pilot project

Having lived on UBC heritage lands for 18 years, I am very familiar with Pacific Spirit Park. You only have to look at photographs from the late 1920s to see that the entire UBC landscape was devoid of trees. It was clearly recorded. The wonderful, lush forest there has practically grown 100 percent. We live in a rainforest that has a remarkable capacity for renewal, which Pacific Spirit Park embodies.

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Perhaps you could post a photograph of the park from 1928 and a current one so people can see that our forests are growing back beautifully. Yes, enjoy walking the PSP trails and keep in mind that the alder is dying as it has a lifespan of about 80 years, while the spruce trees continue to grow and will do so for many years to come.

Brian Brown, Surrey

Nurses and nursing professionals are dedicated souls who work under stressful conditions.

My daughter and her husband, both nurses in Victoria, should be able to afford to replace their extremely old car. They both earn what many would consider good salaries, but they don’t have the money to buy a good second-hand car.

My daughter works as a nursing director at the provincial and federal levels. People complain about the healthcare system and government officials, and often rightly so, but behind the scenes are nurses like my daughter who try to turn the negative into a positive so that everyone benefits. My son-in-law works as a community nurse, a job that also serves the public, seeking solutions for all stakeholders.

I am a low income senior who is doing well but I don’t have extra money to help them. This is my family’s story that I needed to tell this upcoming Mother’s Day and Nursing Week.

Congratulations to all health workers and, in particular, nurses and nursing professionals. It is these dedicated souls who do not give up and who continue under extremely stressful circumstances in and out of the hospital. Say thank you in every way you can. Without them, where would we be today?

Judith Polston, Langley

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