Monegal’s review: Withered gladioli in a dull, gray grave

Huge rises in audience on La Sexta these days. oh! The same thing happens to this chain that happens to those who tell us about the weather when there are big typhoons that cause roofs and buildings to be blown up: their audience skyrockets.

In the middle’ Wyoming he was sorry. He carried gladioli to the grave of Married. It was a delicate detail, although the gladiolus, in this case, is not a timely flower. Bill Pliny the Elder that gladiolus comes from ‘gladius’, the sword of the gladiators. The winners in the Circus were given these flowers. It is not the case of Married. Gladioli scattered on the tombstone, Wyoming he ached for such a sensitive loss. And at last she exclaimed: «Pablo, may the earth be light to you and the revolving door, generous». oh! The revolving door of Married is currently an unknown. We also do not know if Theodore They are preparing something for you.

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In any case, the hit of the journalist Anne Shepherd, achieving that Theodoror sat in front of her in a special edition of ‘The Objective’, it has been of the first magnitude. An hour of interview in full funeral. The deceased secretary threw balls out, balanced, before the questions they asked him. “Battle? War? No, no, there isn’t any.” he exclaimed, trying to turn his defeat into an act of heroism. AND Ana warned him: “Whoever is listening will not understand anything at all!” There was only one moment when Theodore made an artillery feint. It was when he said: “When the parties receive information about an internal asset, we must ask, not throw the report in the trash.” In other words, a ‘souvenir’ addressed to Ayuso and his brother commission agent. In the end, Ana Pastor he told him –perhaps remembering that crossing of the desert of Pedro Sanchez– if he would also take the Peugeot and hit the road. Theodore answered: «My vehicle is 13 years old, has 550,000 kilometers and the roof is off. My car is not to go anywhere.

All these responses and funeral masses these days, all things considered, are the past. The future looks like it’s feijoo. And in ‘El intermedia’ they already dedicated a piece to him, a pointed ‘approche’, dusting off images from years ago, when he shared the deck of a yacht with the drug trafficker Golden Martial. oh! Humorous guerrilla programs are like this: they sharpen the needle and do not stitch without thread.

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