London drivers are making traffic delays worse for themselves this construction season

Be a little rude, it’s okay.

It’s arguably the most Canadian driving dilemma — whether to politely wait in a long line of traffic, or take the open lane and “zipper merge” at the risk of appearing impolite.

This construction season most London drivers are choosing to wait, and that’s making traffic delays worse for everyone.

“Londoners should use the zipper merge any time there is a reduction in lanes,” explained London City Hall in a written statement to CTV News. “Zipper merging maximizes the use of the road, so everyone can get to their destination most safely and efficiently.”

A video on the city’s website demonstrates the efficiency of zipper merging, which is when drivers fill both lanes up to the merge point, then take turns advancing.

A campaign was launched several years ago by city hall to promote zipper merging, but obviously failed to convince most London drivers.

The unnecessarily long line of vehicles queuing in a single lane can block nearby cross streets, and potentially lead to gridlock.

In its statement city hall suggests staff will once again try to tackle the stigma around zipper merging, and wrote, “The city is currently exploring ways to ramp up promotion of the zipper merge — both through enhanced signage and other educational opportunities.”

This is the busiest road construction season ever in London.

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