In Rome, we pay to receive a little tenderness

It may seem strange at the time of vaccination and barrier gestures but in Italy, you can pay to obtain a little human warmth. Here in Rome, we fight against loneliness and depression. For the creators of this service, deprivation of human contact during the pandemic will have long-term adverse psychological effects.

“The pandemic has allowed us to understand what really matters in life, whether it’s being taken by the hand or just a pat on the shoulder at the right time. Small gestures that before were done very easily, today in the world. On the contrary, everything is thought out. Being able to find a place or someone that allows you to find peace of mind is in my opinion, it is such an added value to our lives. That is why the demand has increased “ explains Laura Nardini, co-founder of “Cuddle Place”.

Duration of the hugging session: between 30 minutes and 1 hour. you will have to pay 60 euros for half an hour of tenderness.

Walter Tabbì, is a regular customer. He’s been coming here since the start of the pandemic.

It’s a long-term benefit, being in a situation where you have nothing to do but listen to yourself and be present is very helpful when it comes to focusing and setting goals. . “

It is in particular the pandemic which motivated the creation of this type of services despite an almost return to normal. we asked an expert why people still need physical contact today.

This need is not new, it was just waiting to be recognized. The Covid-19 was a trigger.

“The need for affection was already there. The pandemic has made it an acute problem as people have had to isolate themselves and today it has become chronic“emphasizes Sebastiano Maffettone, professor of political philosophy at Luiss University.

Italy was the first Western country to be affected by the virus, and the fact that it was one of the first to experience this type of this service should come as no surprise, says the expert:

No one would have ever thought that this type of service could exist in Italy .. but we were the first to face the emergency, which certainly pushed the Italians to react and find solutions before the others “ Sebastian Maffettone continues.

Anxiety disorders and depression are expected to increase in the coming months, experts say.

This need for links is a reminder of the extent to which confinements and barrier gestures to stop the epidemic have had a significant impact on society and human relations.

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