Microsoft announces very small Surface Pro X hardware update

Microsoft has announced a very small update for its ARM-based Surface tablet, Surface Pro X.

The revamped tablet will feature better LTE service with support for LTE Gbps data speeds, and Microsoft will start selling a cheaper version with Wi-Fi only for $ 1,150. The lowest cost option in Canada was previously closer to $ 1,250.

The company also says that the Surface team has made progress in migrating applications to the ARM system. It featured Photoshop, Lightroom, and several other apps on stage, but compared to Apple’s transition to ARM with the M1 line, this is still a lackluster endeavor.

Hopefully, the move to Windows 11 will help Microsoft speed up this transition, but beyond now allowing x64 app emulation, it doesn’t look like Windows 11 is really going to change the tablet that much, at least for now.

Like the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Studio Laptop, the Surface Pro X is also compatible with Microsoft’s new Slim Pen 2, which includes a small feedback engine to make it feel more like using a real pen.

While I don’t want to be too harsh on Microsoft’s transition to ARM, as I think it’s a major move for the company, it’s a bit boring to see such a small update make it to the more advanced Surface device. Also, the fact that Microsoft did not highlight its transition to ARM much during its Surface event, makes me suspicious of what the company hopes to achieve with the Pro X.

In case you missed the Surface show, the highlights of the event are the new Surface Duo 2 smartphone and the Surface Laptop Studio, an interesting laptop that folds into a unique design. You can read our 2020 Surface Pro X review here.

From Microsoft Surface Pro X starts at $ 1,149 in Canada and launches on October 5.

You can learn more about all of Microsoft’s Surface announcements here.

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