Enrique Bunbury withdraws from the stage for health reasons

Enrique Bunbury He has just confirmed through his social networks that withdraws from the stage due to throat problems which has been dragging for several years. The Aragonese singer and former leader of the band Heroes of Silence, 54, had his fans worried for several weeks. For this reason, he has finally announced his decision to getting off the stage when the tour he has underway in the United States ends and with which he plans to land in Spain will be the last he does.

The time has come to say goodbye. “For a few years I have been dragging a malaise that has cost me a lot to locate and understand”begins the statement that has been released in the last few hours.

“I have made the decision, very thoughtful and conscious, to abandon my interpretive activity, in concerts and tours. The concerts that remain pending between now and September 2022 in the United States and Spain will be the last ones that I perform,” he explains in a statement. in which he narrates all the problems with his voice that he has suffered since his ‘Mutaciones’ tour, in 2015 and 2016.

It should be remembered that Bunbury is part of the lineup for ‘Vive Latino’ which will be held in Zaragoza on September 2 and 3 and which will mean the farewell to the Aragonese stages of one of its most international Spanish artists.

I knew I had to get there

“What has happened to me on this Mexican tour corroborates the opposite and confirms, and advances, a decision that I knew was close. From the moment I leave my house and trips and ‘shows’ begin, a compendium of symptoms and pains accompany me from the morning until the moment I get on the ‘show’. I have heard different names and diagnoses. The reality is that my throat closes and irritatesand my airways make even the slightest bit of exercise and the execution of my work difficult,” he explains.

The future

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From now on, however, the artist leaves the door open to continue offering his art to his followers. “An endless number of possibilities open up before me, in which the creative, that is, compose songs, record albums, paint and write poetry books, are part of my goals. I am old enough to make this important change in my life and the support of my family and management.”

“In these 35 years I have been on the best stages in the world and some of the worst, I have performed in front of 25 people and 250 thousand and, in most of them, I have been fortunate to enjoy a time in which No masks or cell phones were visible. Thank you sincerely!”, writes the musician before saying goodbye, appealing to his relationship with the public that has accompanied him until now: “I hope that what I can offer you from now on will continue to interest you Minimally. It’s been a great ride. Thank you all.”

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