Employee’s severed finger found in restaurant burger

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The case of a woman who found a human finger in the hamburger she ate in a Bolivian restaurant and that belonged to one of his employees It has generated a great controversy in the Latin American country and led to an investigation for an attack on public health.

This event happened in the eastern city of Santa Cruz when a woman who tasted the “magnificent burger” he had asked ran into a human finger on it.

This situation was denounced by the diner on Sunday through social networks in which he shared some pictures of the hamburger and the finger he found, a message that went viral immediately.

“It has been verified that the hamburger has been sold in that establishment and that that hamburger had the rest of a finger of possibly a worker who lost two fingers last Friday,” the Deputy Minister of Consumer Defense, Jorge Silva, explained to Efe.

According to the first information, one of the workers who was in charge of grinding the meat used in the 20 branches of the fast food restaurant made a movement while turning off the machine that caused the grinder to cut off two of his fingersSilva commented. The employee was transferred to a hospital where the dismemberment was treated.

The man was preparing 45 to 80 kilos of meat that is used in hamburgers, a tote that, according to the restaurant’s version, was discarded, said the vice minister, who added that the place was closed.

The Public Ministry opened an ex officio process for an attack on public health to inquire about this fact and the vice ministry headed by Silva will monitor the investigation.

The restaurant in question issued a statement in which it noted that throughout its 21 years of experience they have worked “in faithful and strict adherence to all health, safety and food safety regulations”, and described it as a “fortuitous incident”.

The Ministry of Labor ordered the paralysis of operations in the area where hamburgers are made until they can prove that their workers are trained in handling these machines.

The ministerial verification revealed that this space is “unsafe” and that there were at least three other incidents in which workers lost their fingers.


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