The horror of “the greatest slaughter of dolphins”: more than 1,400 stabbed to death in a single day

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The images of the massacre of more than 1,400 dolphins in the Faroe Islands, in what is already regarded as one of the worst mass killings in recent history, has shocked conservationists around the world. During the annual hunt, called Grindadráp, local fishermen lead Atlantic white-sided dolphins with their boats to a bay where they are trapped, and slaughter them by cutting off their spinal cord.

In this year’s hunt, held on September 12 in the bay of Skálafjörður, 1,428 dolphins were killed, according to the NGO Sea Shepherd UK, responsible for publishing the dramatic video in which the corpses piled up and the waters red with blood are appreciated while the fishermen continue to kill animals.

Rob Read, the head of the NGO, assures that the massacre is not only the largest known in the Faroe Islands, but probably the largest in the world. “This massacre is completely off the scale. It is unprecedented. It’s unheard of“He denounces.” There is no need for dolphin meat on the islands today and hunting does not have to occur, and even less so in these quantities. “

The death of so many animals at the same time could not be carried out “in a human way, if such a thing is possible”, values ​​Read. “Today it is little more than a sport that uses tradition as a justification, and for that reason we oppose it.”

The Faroe Islands, belonging to the kingdom of Denmark, justify the Grindadráp as a cultural and secular tradition, dating back to the provision of dolphin and whale meat necessary to survive the winter. Killings of this type also occur in places like Peru, Japan and the Solomon Islands, and scientists denounce that its indiscriminate nature can wipe out entire genetic groups in one fell swoop.

“There is no barracks. In these hunts adults, babies and even pregnant mothers are killed,” insists Read. “We can be in front of the biggest hunt ever, which is atrocious. That is why we want to make it known. It is something so cruel, and many people are not even aware of its existence.”

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