Castilla y León, between national and regional | Video analysis of Verónica Fumanal

  • First of all, in Catalonia or Andalusia, the autonomous markets marking the national electoral calendar are one of the communes of Spain.

Then we are in an electoral campaign. The official, because the extra-official does not know where he is. We go to the first days of the Campaign in Castile and Leon with some timeless tumors that can mark the future only of the Castellanos and Leoneses, sino the Andalusians and Spaniards. It’s the first time that Castilla y León celebrates elections from the ordinary convocatoria, as in theory debería regionalizarlas.

Without embarrassment, it is time to approve this solitary confectionery to help you national media agenda the problems of a community with many reasons, the PP is employed in nationalization all the possible and that in Soria, Ávila o Valladolid the controversy arose within the M-30. And this tension between the national and the regional is what directs the vote of February 13. Each party plays its part, but it always has more players than others.

Veamos who is playing in these elections.

The PP is what forced the electoral electorate without a clear autonomous motive. The strategy of Pablo Casado step by step to generate a national level cycling final image and pretend to feed victorious victories in feud with good demoscopic perspectives, it is said, with manuscripts. Alfonso Fernández Mañueco search ‘ayusizarse’ with a discourse against Pedro Sánchez that avoids delving into its topics: the protests of the sanitary sectors against its management, a judicial calendar that signals the directive on irregular funding, provincial movements of the Spain Vaciada… The only good result for the PP is that you can go in solitaire with a round victory. If, on the other hand, Vox is an indispensable society or the sum of alternatives, Mañueco will be added to the list of participants to lose the power, as well as the Susana Díaz o Artur Mas.

Citizens do not believe this is an electoral candidate, but for that matter. It’s one of the actors with more than losing, but also with more than winning. The declarations of Francisco Igea justo después of enterarse del adelanto por la espalda de su socio fue la prueba más evidente de la traition. It has a complicated campaign. Sin embargo, Igea no es Ignacio Aguado y Castilla y León no es Madrid. The governing party in 6 media cities and one of them is in the region, Palencia. If the orange ones consume representation, even if it is at a minimum, then the paraguinal final will be considered as the augur, including pudding will be decisive in a short court. Without embarrassment, if it is not conceived, we will present the next elections with the morality of derrota, the most indicative of the disappearance of a party.

The Socialists took decades without governing in Castile and Leon, and only in the last elections Luis Tudanca ganó, the decision of Cs to convert to the mulet of the PP does not allow the alternation in the power. It’s one of the parties that with more affinity intends to regionalize the campaign and talk about the castellans and lions. If you play to the sum of PP and Vox no dé absolute majority and you can ask for an alternative by surprise. Algo asi como la carambola de Andalusia in 2018, which with the result of Moreno Bonilla, la suma y el gobierno fue posible. The party has always been open and apart from sterile polemics like the carne, which is why the PP has no qualms about people, it is with ovehas.

Vox finds itself in a full period of expansion. Without embarrassment, the PP’s intelligence to apprehend the controversy over the macrogranjas they have already been distributed in a question of the ones that saben better use, the populist manicism. The ultra room that has been located in Madrid with Orban y Le pen no podium is most inconvenient. First lie, because Orban, in addition to Abascal’s society, is society’s priority Putin and are not important series and will not be studied in full regression to the free war. The Pen is one of the leaders of the anti-EU and Castile and Leon movements and is one of the regions with the most benefits from the Política Agraria Común of Spain. Su leader machista, xenophobic and homophobic can bore everything on his hemeroteca, but he does not bore his convictions.

Unidas Podemos entered with 1 deputy in 2019 and now lies on the permanence. To do this, do not hesitate to join the polemic of the carne however it is possible to polarize with the PP and start going to the PSOE, and invite to Pablo Iglesias, exits from the formation, which preserves intact its capacity to tension public opinion. The morados are playing well on their cards, although the debates will take place during the ‘moments’ of the campaign that the podium will use to be on the electoral agenda.

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Spain Vaciada has an account in Castile and Leon with representation in the Cortes. UPL (León) y XAV (Avila) has been sent to prosecutors, but in these elections there are parties that are in the middle of the campaign agenda: Soria Ya may have representation from various inquiries, and Vía Burgalesa, Zamora Decide o Spain Vaciada also competes for tener representation. According to some analysts, Mañueco adelanto the comics, in part, by means of the eye of these platforms, so that we can confirm that the PP is the main prejudiced eye of these parties.

10 median electoral campaign days, electoral debates and 81 prosecutors and play. The Madrid customs of the national tension parties, the provincial customs of the Spanish Vacation parties with hope. Because first time in the country, no es Catalonia o Andalusia those who mark the national electoral calendar, signify that one of the communities of the Spain olvidada.

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