Cristina Aristoy: The joy that a quality and equal price

  • Singularu raises its billing by more than 50%, has increased the 10 million, and now employs up to 150 people in direct form

A product of its own cost is associated with a lesser quality of property or a questionable respect for human rights or the medium during which it is manufactured. Hecho, many start-ups have the ‘low cost’ label on their connotations that they call the consumer during the last few hours. The user has discovered that many times it is beyond the scope of economic advertising: haunted people, who are afraid to use and shoot. But I do not know why.

Cristina Aristoy (Valencia, 1988) ha hecho despegar a Singularu fighting against this topic that the bar can not be good, ecological or be made in Spain. It’s cofundadora, junto a Paco Tormo, de esta marca de joyas valenciana nacida en 2015 y que en apenas seis años de vida -y con una pandemia de por medio- se ha hecho un hueco en el inmenso océano que villas veces supone internet para a company that has recently received competitive awards and has a green and socially compromised philosophy.

I have more than 280,000 followers on Instagram, in 2021 I increased my billing by more than 50%, I have earned 10 million euros, and I work for 150 people directly here.

Aristoy clarifies the secret of its success: “Offer maximum quality with reasonable prices”. The person in charge does not have complaints to sell a product and admits in conversation with Activos that these parties, quality and price, are his “absolute obsession”. “We heard this is our dog”, added. But, can a small company be competitive in prices, offer quality products and still be green?

To log, he explains, “debates are about the manpower that compares the same criteria. Sustainability can not be a mayor, it can be an excuse to be more careless. to be required “. The manager of Singularu defends that there are many other apart places where he can listen while he is on the planet – 99.9% of his plate is recycled – and it is economical – the price of most of his joys oscillates between the 15 and the 30 euros-.

“We only have to pay the direct cost. To us, produce in Spain and with small companies we have allowed to make minor cuts, solve the problems with suppliers, reduce logistics costs, increase communication, agree on time to … he recorrido muchas ferias de Asia y, si haces números, no sale más barato “, remata.

As good as ‘millennial’, Singularu was born to be a digital brand. In addition to the gestation process, Aristoy points out the fact that it is important to have both stages in the extraterrestrial period finalized in your studies. Terminó Diseño Industrial in London and the latest convergence in Engineering in Industrial Organization in Seoul.

“Fueron dos buenísimas experiences. I was allowed to test my students’ years to experiment, that in order to work and tend a lot”, bromea. -the multinational has a factory in the Almussafes locality- or in the auxiliary sector. Vivir en Londres y Seúl me sirvió para abrirme la mente y ver que hay más mundo al margin de la macroempresa “.

Pese to be oriented to the Internet, with the Singular time has done the somersault offline. It’s an inverted truck that drives the majority of businesses around each of its most habitable digital companies. “The one who intended to donate was the customer. Its complementary channels and a part of the needs of its consumer offline “, explains Aristoy.

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Asia, tras abrir cuatro nuevos puntos de venta a pie de calle recently, Singularu hoy cuenta con 20 physical tithes in more than a decade of Spanish cities that report to the company about 50% of its total sales. The goal now is to continue its physical expansion in Spain and amplify international markets on the Internet so that it can slow down even more. “Stabilize? No, it’s never. Todavía has a lot of crime margin”, advised the Singularu cofounder.

“Little by little he learned to play in the team”

Be the maximum responsible for a company with 150 employees and a volume of sales that exceeds 10 million euros is not easy, and less than your mother like Cristina Aristoy: “Always dedicated 200% of my day to the project, per voy learning to delegate. He stepped to be everywhere to be where he was “. With this free time you can arrange, make sure travel is your priority. “Echo de menos, aunque este año hemos redescubierto lo bonita que es la Comunitat Valenciana”, cuenta.

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