Boris Johnson Will Not Give Up And Will Be Dismissed By The Downing Street Scandal

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, has reaffirmed this miracle in its intention to not graduate by the scandal of the Celebrities at Downing Street during the moments of the pandemic, however, the Metropolitan Police announced the opening of an investigation into the meetings.

Johnson insisted he would not resign during a hearing in the Camera of the Communes, given the support of the parties, which raised controversy in the United Kingdom and has been criticized for being the first of its kind in the ideological spectrumwanted to be the center of attention.

One of the British deputies who has been shown the most trouble with the Prime Minister is the leader of the Labor Party, Keir Starmer, who was considered that Johnson is the object of a police investigation is “forgonzoso”at the time he had accused his office of “more and more complicity” with the mandate.

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“Is not he a prime minister and a governor who has not shown anything but despair over the decency, honesty and respect that define his country?”, Asked Starmer, “he told the BBC. Johnson, for his part, has argued that Downing Street is central to the management of the pandemic of covid-19 and the country sanitation system, noting that its conservators can manage these jobs, not the laborers.

The last of a long list of celebratory celebrations in Downing Street during the moments of the pandemic in Reino Unido salió a la luz el lunes, a supuesta fieste de cumpleaños “surpresa” para el ‘premier’. With the opening of a police investigation and another independent search for Sue Gray’s cargo, the search for the Prime Minister is underway every week.

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