Apple Converts to Top China Seller of Smartphones in the Quarter Quarter

Apple has launched the largest market share of its history in China in the first quarter, when it was converted into the largest seller of pay phones in the country for the first time in six years, informs the research firm Counterpoint Research.

The hit coincided with the launch of iPhone 13, by means of an extension of the demand for telephones, which reduces the market share of its main rival, Huawei Technologies.

The market share of smartphones of Apple increased the 23%, a record for the brand. The volume of sales of units created a 32% interannual in the quarter, while the total sales of smartphones in China will increase by 9%, according to Counterpoint.

Counterpoint’s Mengmeng Zhang analyst cites as factors a very high initial price in China and the impact of United States sanctions against Huawei, the main competitor of Apple in the high game segment.

The last time Apple was in the market for smartphones sold in China was at the end of 2015, just when the company launched its iPhone 6, which attracted Chinese consumers to its large pants.

In conjunction with 2021, Apple is positioned as the third-largest smartphone brand in China, with 16% of the market.

Vivo and Oppo, two phone brands Android both the private company BBK Electronics, is located in the first and second place with 22% and 21%, respectively.

In inter-annual terms, Apple’s unit sales increase by 47%, while those of Huawei cayeron a 68 per cent. Total sales of smartphones in China will increase by 2%, according to Counterpoint.

The prolongation of the update cycles has created a dilemma for the Chinese phone brands that are trying to maintain the crime in their countries, and that consumers are retrieving the purchase of new devices.

La cut chips and all components in the world have been used throughout the electronics industry, affecting the prices and margins of all hardware manufacturers.

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