European Union cancels multi-million dollar $ 1,200 million against Intel

El General Court of the European Union (TGUE) annuls this market a fine of 1,060 million euros (1,200 million dollars) that the European Commission has applied to the manufacturer of microprocessors Intel for abuse of a dominant position.

In a case that was arrested from 2009, the TGUE considered in a communication that “the analysis carried out by the Commission is incomplete” and does not allow to establish that the practices of the company “can have an anticompetitive effect”.

The High Commission applied to Intel in 2009 to take advantage of its dominant position in the European market between 2002 and 2007 to marginalize competitors by reducing “integral or partial-division” prices agreed upon by computer manufacturers.

It was announced, amounting to 1,060 million euros, was the most widely applied and applied by European Union organs, although it was subsequently greatly improved by other sanctions against technological giants.

Since then, the case has been reportedly all over the European judicial road. The General Court’s proposal has been repealed this year in 2017, but the maximum court in Europe will need to revise the decision.

In the communiqué disclosed to these markets, the TGUE signaled that “it is not in a position to identify the amount of the mass that is related only to the restrictions” translated in the process.

“For this reason, annul in its entirety the article of the decision [de la Comisión] which imposes on Intel a fine of 1,060 million euros “, indicated the Tribunal.

The lawsuit is now pending before a court of appeals seeking a final decision on a maximum of ten months.

The most elaborate application has been made by the European Court of Justice in Google, which in 2018 received a sanction of 4,300 million euros for abuse of dominant position of its operating system for Android cell phones. This decision is subject to an appeal.

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