Barcelona, ​​2095, the ultimate playa viva, by Carles Cols

Supongamos, y no es del todo sciencia fiction, which of the eight plays of Barcelona (without doubt the most open public space of all that is created with the motives of the Olympic Games) only it is possible to salvage one of the disappearances to what appears to be condensed antes of which acabe is sailing. Whoever chooses and, above all, will salvaguardarla of the subdivision below the level of the sea and of the estates each of the most habitable of the islands. It is the question of how, by elevation, it has one of the 11 volumes that (for internal consumption, are not available in the libraries) are edited Barcelona Regional, the meticulous laboratory of ideas and solutions for engineering of the metropolitan area. It’s titled ‘La reinvención de la costa’ and is the name of Miriam García’s director, director of urbanism and landscaping. LandLab and Award of the Biennial of Architecture of 2013. Miren, as anticipating the journey that this commences, the main photo of this chronicle. Podría ser la playa de Sant Sebastià en 2095.

Imagine the future 100 years ago, like Fritz Lang in ‘Metrópolis’, if he were to pursue a purely literary or cinematic placement. If necessary, with the right to reduce the margin of error in the prediction to a minimum, it is very different. This is LandLab’s reflection, series, theory, also provocative, about the future of Barcelona’s games. What van a estar sometidas a una violencia que no fue imaginada cuando en 1992 fueron concebidas is, these altas of the climatic cambio, are indisputable. Miren now has another photo, one of the cheers of Sant Adrià. Ahi estarán, salvo surprasas, en 2095, pero par preservar esa primerísima líne de costa, practically a cote cero, la zona de baño deberá ser (perdón por lo poco serio de la expressionie) fortified.

An option, the least advisable, will be added to this future with Calvinist resignation. Rendirse o, peor aún, actuar tarde y mal. On the contrary, Garcia suggested, he would hug, sing to everyone, like an opportunity, it is decided, to reconsider the litigation of the city and the limiting municipalities as it always has, a changing space. The line of the coast has been created and decrepit by the Neolithic, when the rhinoceros pastaban for what it is the Eixample, has more modern epochs. The Calle of Pere IV fue, antes de industrialización del Poblenou, donde rompían las olas del mar. La costa barcelonesa fue rocosa, lacustre, marismeña & mldr ;, depende de la época. Las ocho playas, tal y comy hoy se conibe esa palabra, han sido en realidad la exception a lo largo de miles de anos. Salvarlas now, in my opinion, is factual, not at the work of conventional engineering, without a new concept, the biotechnology, a concept of diffused fronts, but that plant that every civil work can not be built with the convenience of the brutal force of the humans, with its cement and other materials, just to judge the naturalness. It has to do with it, because the syndromes treat it immediately: more erosion in the playgrounds, costa morphology shifts, drainage systems drainage, maritime comfort loss, surpassing soils for the circuits;

The return period is a very common concept in the field of civil engineering. It’s a calculation. Evaluate how many years we will encounter an inclination (a temporal, a ridge, a torrential rain & mldr;) that overcomes the technical limitations of a work (a spider, an embalming, an alcantarillado & mldr;). Podrían builds infrastructures with a return period of 2,000 years (the pyramids of Egypt could say that it was), but the cost of construction is astronomical (there was no restriction for the pharaohs) which was to establish a period of variation decades of years as much. “We are tempted to accept that there are periods of return that can be reached in 100 years and only one & rdquor;, explains Garcia. The times of levande han sido durast las ultimas decadas ocasionales. Not always destructive. The peers have surpassed the specifications of the spines. He reported that millions of euros in arena were bought outright for the games he finished at the bottom of the sea, a catastrophe that was resolved while selling new arenas of arena. If it turns out that it’s sued every year, there’s no discussion, from García’s point of view, that some distinction is made.

The amount below the sea level between 2081 and 2100 (we, when the primary school students will be senior citizens) is not an exact solution equation. Can be, in the peor of the cases of mid-metro and metros from 2081, so it appears an increase in temperature between 1.7 and 3 degrees and a plummetry of the known stands. Hace ochos, in this diary is judged to be, in a chronicle, Macbeth’s mischievous mischief. Although the title ‘Acqua alta en Barcelona’, referring to the meteorological phenomenon that periodically occurs in Venice, it is planned that Barcelona will end the term as Italian city, with a part of its inhabitants heartily welcomed by foreign visitors. What his things are, now that the title may be metaphorical. The ‘high water’, if not intervened, could be real, with the Barcelona converted into an island.

What are the remedies? Por supuesto, sí. ‘The reinvention of the costa’ is an assay that the first time it could be a simple diversion of ancient architects. The hechas recreations with organizer can desencaden this sensation. In reality, without embarrassment, LandLab’s work has not done anything else in the world that it is not analyzing, in any case in the form of an agreement with its employees. This same month, a neo-York economist, Jason Barr, proposed to enshrine the Manhattan Island over the Hudson River to blind him to planetary calendars.although the project has some suspicious, because the square kilometers of squares built on the water are approved to provide a very profitable real estate promotions.

In the case of Barcelona, ​​explains Miriam García, it proposes to have more agreement with the times, it is said, the Eixample del mar does not have to be immobile, it means that it has to consist of converting the cost line into a membrane membrane in the coexistence of the necessary necessities and intransigence of the lower climate. Relevar rompeolas, donde las olas chocan con violencia, por terrazas la ralentizan por phases elpuje del agua es une de los muchos remedios posible. Hecho, this is the most interesting chapter of ‘La reinvención de la costa’ sea el catalog of 63 engineering solutions that can be found throughout the book debate month: biorretención cuencas, marinas praderas, arena captadores, lard gardens, artificial maris, costas aterrazadas, dikes hinchables, biorrefugios flotantes, piscinas de mareas, tetrápodos & mldr;

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