4 Important Qualities That You Want in Safety Storage Cabinetry

Selecting storage cabinets for your place of business involves more than picking up something at the local office supply store. That’s particularly true when you have chemical products or flammable materials that need to be stored safely and securely. While the specifics will vary based on your individual needs, there are a few qualities that any solution for <a href=”https://www.herbertwilliams.com/safety-storage.html”>safety storage</a> is likely to include. Make sure these four are present before spending money on anything. 

Fire Resistance

Do check the fire resistance of all safety cabinets that you’re considering. In particular, check the gauge of steel used for the cabinet shell as well as the shelves. Your goal is to select something that will provide a reasonable amount of protection if a fire should break out. 

This is important in a number of scenarios. The right choice prevents flames from reaching chemicals stored within the cabinets. That means more time for people to get out of the immediate area. In terms of protecting paper documents and other items, the right gauge of steel reduces the risk of damage before the fire can be put out. 

Sufficient Storage Space

The materials used for the cabinet may offer a reasonable amount of protection, but that’s not going to accomplish much if the safety storage cabinets you buy won’t hold much of what you want to store. Focus your attention on cabinetry that will provide enough storage space to contain everything you need to protect.

A good rule of thumb is to employ the 20% principle. Basically, consider cabinets that offer a minimum of 20% more space than you think is necessary. Doing so will increase the odds that the cabinetry will continue to provide ample storage space as the needs in your place of business change. 

Shelving That You Can Adjust

Another quality you want with those cabinets is the ability to adjust the height and arrangement of the shelves. This feature allows you the maximum in versatility, something that makes it easier to utilize the internal space to the best possible effect. As your use of the cabinet changes over the years, reconfigure the interior to meet the current need.

This won’t be difficult. You’ll find that there are plenty of storage cabinets at <a href=”https://www.herbertwilliams.com/”>Herbertwilliams.com</a> that include adjustable shelving. Opt for one that comes with more shelves than you thing are needed right now. An  extra one or two may come in handy in the years to come. 

Compliance With Local and National Safety Regulations

As a business owner, you understand the importance of observing all safety regulations related to the type of company that you operate. In terms of safety storage, there are governmental standards that must be met. You may need to consider local as well as national regulations when buying additional cabinetry.

If you have any doubts about the requirements, contact a local agency. The team there can provide you with a list of features that the cabinets must possess in order to be in full compliance. Keep in mind that what you plan on storing in the cabinet will have some impact on those features. 

The point of safety storage equipment like steel cabinetry is to protect the contents while also increasing protections for anyone working in the immediate area. Carefully choosing cabinets means more than being able to keep things in order; it also means keeping you and your employees safer. Take your time, compare cabinet options carefully, and seek advice if needed. In the long run, you’ll be glad that you did. 

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