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Music is the art of transmitting your inner intangible feels to musical tunes using instruments. It gives you a significant relief to play and listen to the music. We can observe the passion of music lovers all over the world. Music isn’t linked to any specific age group. Be it kids, youth, or old age people. Everyone is lost in the versatility of musical compositions.

Youth has an immense interest in learning musical instruments. The most melodious and popular musical instrument is the Piano. Like other parts of the world, usually, kids and youth in Toronto rush towards musical classes to learn the language of Music.

Learn Music Theory and Online Piano Lessons in Toronto 

Music induces internal peace, so it is the most common hobby today. Also, people learn beginner music lessons for Piano and get disconnected from the hassle of life. It is the source of great leisure. But now, considering the current condition of the world where the Covid Pandemic invades it, it has become nearly impossible to go and take Piano classes due to social distancing. 

No worries, as there is a solution to this problem, and that is online Piano lessons in Toronto offered by experienced musicians of Neighbour Notes. 

Building Blocks of Music

Music theory is to learn and interpret the essentials of Music. By this, musicians learn and communicate in music language. The fundamental of Music is rhythm, harmony, and melody. To know about these building blocks of musical composition, lets’ have a look at few more details;

  • Harmony

Harmony is when multiple voices and music notes combine to produce an amplified musical sound. A chord is an example of harmony. Not only instruments but also voices create harmony when played simultaneously. 

There are two kinds of harmony;

Consonant harmony is when the voices create a pleasing sound.

Dissonant harmony that produces unstable or unpleasing sound. 

  • Melody

Melody is a musical phrase created by the procession of notes and vocals. The part of any song which makes it recognizable and memorable is its lyrical melody.

It has two types; 

Conjunct motion or shorter leaps are necessary to create a sense of high and low notes and make it easy to play and understand Music.

Disjunct motion or longer leaps that look like pauses in musical phrases are usually intended to create a non-identical musical expression and are challenging to make. 

  • Pitch 

Pitch is the audible vibration that depicts the higher and lower notes of the melody. Arranging the pitches of musical instruments create a piece.

  • Rhythm

The duration of low or high pitch creates a sound beat. These notes, beats and rests make a rhythm that is the most mesmerizing part of human ears.

Learn beginner Music Lessons of Piano in Toronto

By joining Neighbour notes online piano lessons, you will be able to understand and learn by our expert Piano players who are available around the year;

  • Musical notes and intervals
  • Music alphabets 
  • The 12 keys of Music
  • White keys, black keys, and intervals
  • Music scales; significant scales, and minor scales
  • Music notes
  • Octaves 
  • Key signatures
  • Counterparts
  • Team playing
  • Chords and chord extension
  • Interpreting and developing music language
  • Videos to teach you Piano playing

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