Obvious Reasons Why The Canadian Cannabis Market Will Keep Growing

It’s been a few years since Canada legalized weed and it’s been a tough journey. Supply issues keep hurting stores and it costs so much to get a license. Fortunately, the industry will keep growing in the future.

The reason it’s going to be so big is that cannabis isn’t just for stoners looking to get high. More people than ever are trying the drug for other reasons. Let’s look at a few examples that could change our lives forever.

It Helps With Chronic Pain

Some people have talked about the drug hurting users for years, but what about prescription painkillers? Opioid abuse is damaging so many lives and you hear about innocent souls overdosing on pills laced with fentanyl.

Weed from Aphria and Tremblant Cannabis can help anyone with chronic pain thanks to the cannabinoids in the drug, which are proven to work. Once there is no need to rely on harmful opioids there will be fewer needless deaths.

A Great Tool For Diabetes

Canadians with diabetes were one of the groups hit hard by Covid-19. I know there are other ways to prevent yourself from getting diabetes, but cannabis is helpful too. It can also help regulate diabetes in sufferers.

Smoking some of Quebec’s hashish benefits your body when it comes to insulin regulation. It stabilizes your blood sugars, improves your blood circulation, and reduces your blood pressure to keep you as healthy as possible.

Treat Depression Naturally

So many people with depression take pills manufactured by Big Pharma. SSRIs and other medication doctors prescribe do work better than a placebo, but it’s made inside a lab so it’s anything but natural.

Cannabis grows in nature, so it’s a lot healthier for you than pills constructed in a lab. Have you noticed how pharmaceutical companies scare us away from mushrooms too? We need to look towards nature to help with mental health.

Make Your Bones Invincible

If you watched UFC recently you might have seen a fighter breaking their leg when kicking someone. People break their bones in accidents all the time. Imagine what would happen if you had a way to speed up your recovery.

Cannabidiol is a chemical in the cannabis plant that shortens your recovery time, plus it can make bones stronger so they don’t break in the first place. It’s a good tool for athletes and others who break their bones regularly.

Productive ADHD Sufferers

When people mention ADHD it’s usually to do with school children causing trouble. It can affect their studies and hurt their future. But don’t forget ADHD is a problem adults have to deal with every day too.

Adults who suffer from ADHD find it hard to get anything done and it can damage their careers. Who is going to help them survive if they can’t work? If cannabis can solve the problem it’s going to make users work harder.

Cannabis Isn’t A Recreational Drug

I know cannabis is used for recreational purposes, but it’s more beneficial for your health. It’s strange when you realize we’re only hearing about these benefits now.

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