Yolanda Díaz suffers an escrache on her visit to Valencia: “you dirty the name of communism”

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The Workers’ Front has once again boycotted an official act of representatives of United we can. The organization on Monday promoted an escrache to the second vice president of the Government of Spain, Yolanda Diaz. The leader, presumable leader of the purple formation for the next few years, was received with shouts of “salesman“or” traitor. “” You should be ashamed to say that you are a communist. “” You dirty the name of communism, “they reproached him.

In the 79-second video broadcast by the Workers’ Front on its social networks, there are moments of tension in which the leader, faced with the impossibility of dialoguing with those who reproach her, chooses to remain silent and wait until she can walk. Agents of the National Police and members of his team protected the minister against the onslaught of the communists.

In this regard, the Workers’ Front itself has boasted on its Twitter account that en Valencia “they have interrupted with an escrache the anticipated electoral campaign by Yolanda Díaz, putting the reality of the workers on the table. “” The workers we continue the same or worse than before the PP“They reproach him. The images were taken on Monday, but have not been released until this Tuesday.

The Workers’ Front, an organization linked to Marxist Leninist Party Communist Reconstruction PML (RC), has among the representatives of the left his favorite victims. In Valencia they have it taken with the vice president of the Generalitat, Monica Oltra (Commitment), of which counseling, that of Equality, have squatted a building in the heart of the city for five months now.

The organization was also behind the banner in defense of Stalin that appeared on the main balcony of the Valencia City Council, governed by Oltra’s party partner, Joan Ribó. In the city they also starred in an escrache to the minister Irene Montero, and recently they promoted another in Malaga against Alberto Garzon.

Meeting with Oltra

Yolanda Díaz met Oltra precisely this Monday during her visit to the Turia capital, with whom she showed great harmony. As EL ESPAÑOL reported on Tuesday, the second vice president of the Government and future leader of Podemos intends to snatch More Country his alliance with Commitment In the Valencian community.

The nationalist coalition, deeply rooted in autonomy, is the clear Valencian objective in the network of alliances that the left-wing leader of the PSOE aspires to weave. And this Monday he had the opportunity to show his complicity with the leader of the Valencian formation, Monica Oltra. “Our country would like to see women who, being different, are capable of working together,” he went on to affirm about her.

The Valencian vice president and leader of Compromís was even more explicit. “It is a path that I would like to follow with Yolanda Díaz”.


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