“Yolanda Díaz commands a lot”: the CEOE, stunned by the power accumulated by the second vice president

Thursday. Nine thirty at night. A few minutes had passed since Work announced an agreement with the unions to raise the Minimum Interprofessional Salary by 15 euros. A whatsapp shines on my phone: “Yolanda Díaz commands a lot“. The sender? One of the multiple members of the CEOE.

His words reflect the surprise that exists within the bosses due to the power accumulated in recent weeks by the second vice president. Not only has it achieved that Pedro Sanchez announced an imminent rise in the SMI in a Sunday interview, he has also managed to prevail over the first vice president, Nadia Calviño.

It was Calviño herself who, hours before the agreement, assured that she was still far away and that she had to wait. But it was also Calviño herself who until a few days ago defended that “it was not the time to raise the SMI“. So from the surroundings of the employer they are expectant to the explanations that can give now and they were wondering” if it is that now it seems to him well.

Own profile

The employers’ representatives consider that Díaz has managed to set his own profile, giving an image of permanent dialogue when selling as an agreement “something that is not such, since for it to exist it would have to have been agreed with all the parties”.

These same sources recall that the Government only has the duty to consult with the social agents how much the SMI will rise, given that we are facing an exclusive prerogative of the Government for which it does not need to agree on anything.

Another thing that has attracted the most attention is that Yolanda Diaz has achieved that the increase in the SMI is retroactive from September 1. In the opinion of the different people consulted, we are facing a show of force which reflects that it is ready to fight in social dialogue in the coming months.

There is a complicated road ahead. Employers and unions will have to negotiate with Labor the labor counter reform that Yolanda Díaz has put on the table and on which there has already been a first contact this past week.

“Marxist” reform

In that meeting there were no great news. There was only an exchange of ideas on the basis that the Ministry presented before the summer. The main stumbling block is in the measures to limit the temporality, and that for the Executive they go through limiting the contracts of determined duration. Something that is “Marxist” for the CEOE.

It will not be an easy negotiation. The government is in a hurry to close this issue as it has to be ready before the end of the year. It’s more, in Work they already put October as the final month to close all changes in labor matters.

Drums of war resound, therefore. CEOE’s ‘no’ to the rise in the SMI it is a warning to the government that they will not accept everything that is put on the table. So the negotiating stance is hardened. However, although on this occasion there was no agreement, the employers ruled out leaving the table. On the contrary, the hand is still outstretched.

They regret, Yes indeed, the great power that Díaz is acquiring. Until now Nadia Calviño served as a counterweight against certain postulates that came from Work. However, on this occasion, the most orthodox arguments have not convinced the President that he has opted for the theses of the purple side.

It is true that Labor has not managed to incorporate into the agreement, as the unions wanted, a path to raise the SMI during the next two years. That yes, you can thank Calviño, but even so the sources consulted believe that this game has been won by the leader of the Podemos wing. And that worries them.


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