Is it the end of an era? Or the start of something greater?

Wordle, the mobile app that has dominated so many of our hours these past weeks, has been purchased by the New York Times for a sum “in the low seven figures,” according to a Times news release Monday.

“The game would initially remain free to new and existing players,” the statement read.

On Twittercreator Josh Wardle promised the game would remain “free to play for everyone” as it joins the Times’ collection of similar word games.

“It has been incredible to watch a game bring so much joy to so many,” he said, adding that he was working with the Times to ensure players’ wins and streaks are preserved.

The game revolves around players trying to guess a different five-letter-word each day within six tries. Victories, defeats and moral encouragements can be shared on social media, a big part of Wordle’s meteoric rise.

The reception to its sale, at least on Twitter, was divided.

On one hand, people lamented the loss of what many saw as holdout from an older, better time. Like a fairytale cottage in the middle of a smoggy downtown that just refuses to sell.

But it did sell.

On the other foot, folks are congratulating Wardle on his new-found millionaire-status.

And of course, some are in between.

But, as usual, most are poking fun at the whole situation.

Wardle, a Brooklyn-based software engineer, launched Wordle in October for just his partner and him to enjoy, according to a New York Times article.

The day the game launched it had 90 players. Today, millions across the globe log in to Wardle’s website.

Whatever happens next, we’ll all be watching.


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