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There has been virtually no good news for Montreal Canadiens fans this season, and now there’s another reason to worry: the future of Carey Price.

In his first press conference since joining the NHL / NHL Players’ Association’s joint player assistance program in October 2021, the star goalkeeper revealed that his career is in jeopardy due to a continuing knee injury.

“I’m obviously a little anxious myself to figure out some answers,” Price said Sunday. “I do not have them now, but we will find out soon enough.”

Fans at the Laurier Park ice rink in Montreal expressed sadness over the idea that Price would never play again.

“It will be very sad,” said Kasper Ciepala as he took a breather from playing hockey. “It is very unfortunate, because I think he won everything.. He deserves a trophy. ”

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Price made the revelation when he spoke to the media for the first time since enrolling in the NHL’s player assistance program for drug use.

“I was in a position where I definitely had to reach out,” Price said. “It was definitely a difficult time.

“But at the end of the day it was one (decision) that I knew had to be taken and in the end it was successful and I am very grateful for the help I got.”

He revealed that his recovery from a knee injury that required off-season surgery was not going well. He has had setbacks and has admitted that although he hopes to return this season, the knee could keep him from ever playing again.

Even as he returns, Price said he is worried he can play at a high level again.

“I think it’s brave and brave that he did it,” said sports psychologist Dr. Penny Werthner of the University of Calgary said.

She believes his openness will help other athletes understand that they are not alone in navigating anxiety while returning from injury, and that help is available.

“I hope athletes at all levels of sport understand there is actually a skill set that can help you navigate it in a very healthy way,” she said.

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She says for athletes, it can be very shocking to realize that your career may be over.

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“Now you have to think about ‘What I’m going to do for the rest of my life,’ which is still a significant amount of time, which in some ways is the good news, but in other ways difficult to understand at this point, I’m sure, ”Werthner told Global News

Price says being the Canadiens goalkeeper is part of his identity.

“Wearing that jersey again is something you know keeps me motivated at this point,” he said.

However, with the team having a historically bad season, some fans are wondering if Price would be better off ending his career elsewhere if he fully recovers

“At the end of the day, he must do what he feels is best for his career. If he has a chance to win a trophy somewhere else, I think I hope he doessaid Simon Bourassa as he came off the ice at Laurier Park.

“He deserves all our respect,” said Ciepala, who agreed that he would like to see Price win a Stanley Cup, even with the Canadiens.

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