Wall Street Indices Are Mixed; Walt Disney falls 8.25%

The three main stock indices of the United States have mixed performances this Thursday, after the losses they registered in response to a high record of inflation in October in that country. Wall Street rebound slightly, with the index Dow Jones still in negative territory.

The main index Dow Jones, made up of the shares of 30 industrial giants, fell -0.15% to a level of 36,025.33 points. The index Nasdaq Composite, with a high technology component, rose 0.83% to 15,751.82 units. The S&P 500, with the 500 strongest firms, it gains 0.25% to 4,658.54 points.

Among issuers, the decline in the shares of Walt disney. The entertainment company’s shares fell -8.25% to a price of $ 160.06 per share, after it reported that the growth in the number of subscribers on its streaming service, Disney + has slowed.

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