The Generalitat will withdraw the accusations against protesters if the responsibility of the injuries to mossos cannot be proven

In full negotiation between the Govern of ERC and JxCat with the CUP for the approval of the budgets, Executive sources have confirmed that the Generalitat will not appear as a private accusation against protesters after demonstrations with disturbances if, despite the existence of injuries to Mossos d’Esquadra in altercations, the author of the same cannot be credited. This has been advanced by the newspaper Ara and confirmed sources from the Government that, however, remember that it is obvious: you cannot accuse when there is no evidence of the responsibility of some injuries.

The investiture pact between Esquerra and the CUP included a reference to this fundamental question, that of what the Government should do in the event of an injury to a Mosso d’Esquadra in a demonstration. The agreement establishes that the legal services that defend the agents in the Interior will be integrated into the central cabinet of the Government -measure already adopted by the executive of Pere Aragonès– and that the Generalitat will withdraw private accusations against participants in mobilizations except in cases where there are accredited injuries to agents.

It is “of truism”

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Now it is confirmed that legal action will not be taken if there is no evidence of who was the author of these injuries. Interior sources consider that all this is “a truism” and that they will comply with what was agreed with the CUP. However, there are cases in which – as in the trial of the so-called “nine of Lledoners” – the agents could not identify the perpetrators of the altercations, in the oral hearing.

In the eyes of the Interior and the legal area of ​​the Government, this obviousness is not incompatible with other evidence: the Generalitat will continue to pursue cases in which there are injuries and evidence of who the perpetrators of them were. And this despite the discomfort that this issue generates in the face of pressure from certain pro-independence sectors against the appearance of the Government in these causes. The Generalitat alleges that it defends and will defend its officials.

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