Major US market indices traded at large losses in early trading on Tuesday. After a session of rallies, the pressure returns to Wall street, which investors mainly look at the two-day meeting of the Federal Reserve and your announcement tomorrow.

The index Nasdaq, with a high technological component, leads the decline, with a movement of -2.10% to 13 564.24 units. The reference S&P 500, which groups the 500 most important companies in the market, falls -1.73% to 4,333.90 units. The Dow Jones, from 30 industry giants, yields -1.18% to 33,960.70 points.

Investors are dropping the indices because the expectation of a tightening by the central bank of its monetary policy and an escalation of tensions from Russia and Western nations over Ukraine are driving them away from risky assets. Yesterday, the market at its closing changed to a similar situation.

These two factors are enough, at least for now, for the positive quarterly figures of companies such as IBM Y 3M. “The Fed meeting starts today, although the best data to know the future of its monetary policy will only come tomorrow. The markets are pulling back,” the firm eToro said.

Among issuers, quarterly reports from airlines Raytheon and Lockheed Martin are expected. After the closing of the markets reports Microsoft Corp, which is particularly important to assess the actual market situation, because the Nasdaq index loses more than 10% of its record.

“Earnings in the fourth quarter have beaten consensus by 6% so far and are 24 percent higher. All sectors are above expectations. Valuations are high and under pressure, but supported by record firm profitability.” , explains Ben Laidler, strategist at eToro.

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