VivaAerobus responds to Profeco: we comply with the Aviation Law

After the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) placed suspension stamps on Thursday at the facilities of the low-cost airlines VivaAerobus and Volaris at the airports of San Luis Potosí and Puerto Vallarta, for charging the basic rate without including hand luggage, the first airline reported that it complies with the established regulation and the second remained silent.

The measure did not cause the suspension of ticket sales so as not to affect passengers at the beginning of a long weekend.

“VivaAerobus baggage policies fully comply with what is stipulated by the Civil Aviation Law. The base or regular fare of the airline, Viva Smart, includes two carry-on suitcases that add up to 15 kg in total and 25 kilograms of checked baggage as indicated in the current regulation, “it was detailed in a press release.

However, the low-cost airline explained that, aware of the needs of the passenger and based on its business model, it went a step further in terms of customizing flights to benefit its economy.

For this reason, it also has the Zero, Light and Extra rates that imply a significant discount to the passenger for waiving their right to carry luggage. At all times, the passenger is informed during the purchase process about what he can transport depending on the travel option he hires.

Said preferential rates, the airline referred, are framed under what is established by the General Civil Aviation Law in Chapter X Bis on the rights and obligations of passengers, Article 47 Bis, Section X, Fourth paragraph: In the event that the passenger decides to travel without luggage, the concessionaire or permit holder may offer a preferential rate for the benefit of the passenger.

“VivaAerobus recalls that one of the pillars of its ultra-low-cost model has always been to offer low prices in order to make the possibility of traveling by plane available to more people. Consequently, its proposal offers passengers the possibility of personalizing their flight so that they only pay for what they really need under a model of disaggregation of optional services, also materialized in their baggage policies, this scheme being a common trend in the industry. air globally ”, it was reported.


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