Virtual cards: the safest digital tool for online purchases

Although e-commerce was already popular among Internet users before the pandemic, it is a fact that this situation catapulted all kinds of transactions through different digital platforms, from the purchase and sale of products and services, to electronic payments; being security, the key element and main actor in this digital environment.

As a result, tools emerged that came to complement these habits, as in the case of virtual cards, which have become a must for any person or company that wants to make purchases online, safely.

But what are they and how do they work?

This payment method is nothing more than the digital version of your physical card, which allows you to make online transactions, make purchases in certain physical establishments and even allow you to direct debit and schedule payments automatically.

The main difference between the physical credit card and the virtual card lies in the security offered by the digital tool: operations are subject to validation and it allows unrecognized movements to be detected immediately. Digital cards become your best allies in terms of security, as they offer the possibility of tracking movements in real time, as well as activating or deactivating them in a matter of seconds.

If you are an entrepreneur or have a business, Clara offers a digital solution, easy and simple to use, ideal for keeping track of your company’s expenses. With this you will have visibility of all financial movements made by each member of the team, assign budgets, as well as help you streamline processes: billing is fast, thanks to the fact that the platform is linked to the SAT.

In addition, Clara gives your business the possibility to create unlimited virtual cards, establish credit limits and has one of the highest acceptance rates at an international level, so its products become great allies, thanks to flexibility, dynamism and security they offer.

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